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News on launch of Gumpert Apollo – Features & Specifications

Gumpert Apollo@ 4.50 - 5.0 Crore

This year has been quite eventful for Indian car market, literally though, with back to back big launches taking place. Even the sports motors are not left behind in this spree and they are also making a grand entry to tap this ever potential market. The latest entrée to the bandwagon is Gumpert Apollo. The intoxicating street racer, who already rules the European and US arenas, is going to offer a stupendous four wheeler with a whooping speed and price tag in India. Well, if you are still not aware of its manufacture, it is produced by Ronald Gumpert, former Audi engineer. Out and out a sports car is how we can describe Apollo that takes inspiration from Formula One in terms of pepped-up acceleration and transmission. Expectedly to be launched in India in November, it seemingly has quite many takers here as well. Expectedly to be launched in India in upcoming months but could be further delayed to unknown time.


There seems to be a shift in buying trends of Indian motoring enthusiasts who are now readily accepting high priced vehicles like sports cars and luxury sedans. The manufacturer of Gumpert may be a little known one here but the price tag is quite big at Rs. 5 crores. Though, one look at this sassy sports vehicle may diminish any astonishment regarding this price!

Brand Value:

There isn’t much to talk about the brand value coz this is a lesser known and new-fangled car maker to enter India. However, talking of its values overseas, it is esteemed as a power- packed sports car maker in Europe. But no worries, with such boisterous and feature loaded car set to release, it will soon make its strong foothold in India also.


This adrenaline racing powerful machine is equipped with a 4.2 litre twin turbo V8 engine churning out an earth-shattering power of 650 BHP @ 6500 rpm with peak torque of 850 Nm @ 4000 rpm. This Audi sourced engine has power that propels it to a speed of 100 km/h in 3 seconds and 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds with top speed of 360 km/h. Before you realize having even touched the accelerator, you will find it simply racing. Whoa!


Well, being a sports car, it can let only two riders at a time. The dimensions are 4460x 1998x 1114 mmwith a boot space of 100 litres. Being built with light weight carbon fiber, there is lot of space for both the passengers inside Apollo.


With all focus laid on speed, Gumbert has left interior styling to a bare minimum. It comes fitted with inbuilt navigation radio, DVD/VCD player, rear facing camera, tinted glass, auto headlamps, remote central locking, adjustable paddle, rear view mirror, and perfect air conditioning. Apart from these standard factory made features, rest are built-to-order in this custom made street legal car.


What do you expect from a sports cart to offer in its exterior styling? Sportiness! Well, this car has ample of it along with terrific features like rear wing which keeps it steady at speed of 360 km/h, aerodynamics in styling, side air intake, rear defogger, body colored bumpers, Xenon headlamps, all wrapped in ultra light carbon fiber body.

Road handling:

With great power that it possess and aerodynamics ingrained into its design, it surely gives you superb road handling. Although, suspension data has not been declared as yet by company, it has front ventilated and rear disc brakes along with 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP, and traction control to make driving in fast lanes comfortable and safe.


Gumbert will be promoted by InterGlobe Group in India. With such speed, torque, power, and Indian grand Prix coming up, we keep our fingers crossed and wait for Gumbert Apollo in India.

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