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New BMW X6 – User Reviews

BMW X6@ 1,15 Crore

Some years ago, BMW Auto giants stretched the boundaries for a ‘niche’ product and what we got was a confusion! No, not a confused car, but a car with a confusing design, hanging between the image of an SUV and a coupe which was further declared as a wholly new concept of Sports Activity Coupe by BMW.

Over the years of its existence, this car has been loved by people and the design concept was commended all around which gave it a medal of a capable Urban SUV for the people with high taste pallets.

This time around too, this car as earlier, is here to make its presence felt with a compulsory market face-up.
Being rich has its own advantages, if you are not one, don’t think you’ll be able to drive a car worth 1 crore just like that, but our buyers here are surely pocket-stuffed with greenery, so let’s hear it from them about this car and its whole new avatar.

This new faclifted design is not so subtle but what it has got underneath the skin is mirror shaking! Says one of our young aspirant of this car who test drove it last week and was really robbed at heart and senses with its newly tuned engine and its amazing sound. He liked the design as its no-nonsense BMW design and about the interiors, he looked way too overwhelmed with a lot of customisation options and loads of gadgetry. Adding more to what he says, he is a rich fella and that shows with his collection of sweet cars comprised of a BMW 6-series coupe, a merc E- class and an Aston Martin, need we say more?

And all he needed this time was an SUV to add more bling to his garage, but he was totally Fallen-over for our confused coupe cum SUV and couldn’t resist the fact that this vehicle is just perfect and contemporary according to his taste, some off-road manners would have been of great help according to him though. Should be buying soon by now!

Another buyer, this time a lady, with a billion bucks in her Pocket intended to buy this car as she thought it to be just what she needed as a blend of style and huge presence on roads and on those late party entries to make her look worth that wait, just as she quotes!

She looks feminine and sensitive maybe but she surely is a smart buyer and an even smarter auto enthusiast so it wasn’t really difficult for her to find out that this car not only costs very heavy, but it is heavy on accessories too, with a simple screen additive as an option would set you very easily under 3 lacs is really a tough deal, not for the ones throwing away 1 crore burning rupees on this humongous car but it makes sense.

Another important factor which she talks about is the comfort level of this car which surely doesn’t make it suitable for long rides. When she test drove it, she could notice the effortless cruising comforts of the engines past 200 kmph but after which, the whole experience takes a bitter turn with engine cranks.
Apart from that, she found this car as a capable all rounder and a True Beemer in ride and handling but a bit disappointing in mileage figures and not to forget those 8-Auto transmissions, providing effortless shifts to this car’s performance.

So, if you have money, and you want a high profile Soft Roader dipped in a tub of luxury and performance, then don’t wait! Go grab your X6 now!

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