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Mercedes Benz E63 AMG – Specifications and Features

Mercedes-Benz E-Class@ 48,50 -1,29 crore

The German luxury car maker Mercedez finally launched its ’13 Benz E63 AMG car at the Buddh international circuit in Noida few days ago. The car is heavily priced at Rs. 1.3 crore!! That would leave some people awestruck, others dumbstruck but definitely ‘jaw dropping’ moment for both. The car has better appearance and better drivability than its outgoing model. The engine of the car is damn powerful with 63 AMG 5.5l Biturbo V8 engine giving out 558 Ps power and 720 Nm of torque. The engine is capable of displacing 5461 cc. Packed with 7-speed gearbox with 3 modes of transmission namely ‘C’  for controlled efficiency, ‘S’ for sport plus and ‘M’ for manual. The car is superfast and can reach 0-100 kmhr in just 4.2 secs. One needs to definitely put on a seat belt as the lighter ones might just fly away(:p). It is basically a sports car but may serve as a luxury sedan for the business class. It is equipped with the sport start feature for quick start and better engine performance and the top speeds attainable is 250 kmhr.

As you enter inside you can see the black aura with black coloured upholstery on the AMG sports seats and black leather finish of the steering wheel. There is a 11.4 inch TFT multifunctional display screen with menu items like Racemeter, AMG start up scree and 320 kmhr speedometer dial.

Looks! The exteriors have carbon finish and thus stronger and a glossy finish which would let anyone crave to touch it. The facelift is clearly visible with the elongated new Bumper on front and rear with AMG badging. The front has a tilted ‘D’ shape mesh grill with the brand logo in the middle. There is also a tripartite radiator grill at the bottom. The wheels add to the style quotient of the car with alloy built and 10 spokes on it. There are intelligent LED front headlamps with cornering function and quad chrome exhaust pipes supporting its athletic style. The side profile has skirts to help step up and down of the car. The body coloured ORVMs with turn indicators on them also add to the beauty. The fuel efficiency is around 10.2 kmpl, which is quite low, but when it comes to a sports car, fuel efficiency isn’t priority. Its speed and drivability what matters most!

Keeping in mind the safety the car is equipped with 8 airbags, 2 in front and 6 on sides, Collision prevention control, attention assist, parking assist, ABSA with EBD, ESP, traction control and AMG drive unit. The brakes are highly reliable, which are a must for a car which offers huge speed.

Overall the car has mysterious seductive appearance with powerful macho performance and includes latest technological aspects and has the capability to add vigour and zeal to anybody’s life!. Anyone who want to buy it, ofcourse only the ones who can afford, m sure he wouldn’t regret it as it has a Mercedez Benz badge afterall.

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