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Mercedes-Benz S Class – Expert Reviews

Mercedes-Benz S-Class@ 1.07 - 2.25 Crores
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Showcased for its India release in 2014 India-International Auto Expo, and had been under speculations for almost a year, Mercedes-Benz finally launched its 2014 edition of its flagship Saloon model, The Mercedes-Benz S class. To be honest, it’s not a facelift; it’s an all-new car with all-new tricks up its sleeves. But as we know, first of all it’s a Mercedes-Benz, and secondly, its Benz’s Top class luxury spilling-Saloon car, so there would be very rarely a chance that this car be left with any detectable flaw, and even if there is, Benz knows it well to always come up with a more valid and poised reason to justify that. Still, an expert review on this car is needed and hence we bring you a full report on what our Expert’s panel think of this new, sporty yet luxurious Mercedes-Benz’s ‘’thinking man’s limousine’’.


  • As our experts suggest, looking for competitiveness of pricing in this segment would surely be a foolish act. But still, in comparison with its other German rivals, Merc comes at a bit expensive price tag.
  • With the S 350 CDi costing around 1.7 Crore, and the top-end S 500 variant would keep you under 1.36 Crore.
  • While a fully loaded and all package inclusive variant would be as hot as to reach around 1.57 Crore in the same S 500 variant.

Engine Details

  • Like before, Benz uses the similar set of two engines for both fuel types in this new car as well.
  • The S 350 CDI uses a 3.0 litre, 4-Cyl V6 diesel engine with crunchy figures of 254bhp and 620Nm, making it a power packed, yet economical mill with better than before blue-efficiency performance.
  • On the other hand, there is S 500 which uses a more power packed 4.7 litre, 4-Cyl V8 petrol engine with teeth grinding 453Bhp and 700Nm enormous torque for fast revs, better sprints and sport star feel in total luxury out of this vehicle as our experts point out.
  • Diesel engine though, will be more praised with their blend of power, efficiency and ecological respect with mild carbon footprints.


  • Both the variants, being dipped in gold class luxury, are still born performers with a jaw dropping acceleration from 0-100 in just 4.8 sec in S 500 while the V6 motor of S 350 does the drag of 0-100 in 6.8 and an additional ANTI-SKID acceleration system by Benz.
  • Apart from that, for more refined performance distribution and drives, our experts suggest that the new 7-G-Tronic 7-Speed AT system works just too phenomenal in the class.
  • And lastly, talking about the drivability and handling of the car, then even with such enormous size and huge weight, the car balances and runs pretty seamlessly due to Mercedes-Benz’s  AIRMATIC (MAGIC BODY) suspension systems, which adapt accordingly to the terrain for smooth, bump free, seamless yet roll free rides when needed.

Space and Dimensions

  • Well, to begin with, we found this car to be huge! With a total dimensional count to be around 5246 x 1899 x 1494 mm while a wheelbase as long as of 3165 mm in both the cars.
  • Both cars, as told already are a bit heavy on load with total weight of S 500 to be 2200 KGS while the S 350 weighs a bit less at 2132 KGS, being a smaller mill.
  • Apart from external dimensions, this car is the roomiest of the segment from inside as well.
  • Comes in normal 5-seater or special First Class rear for only two sofa styled and comfortable seats with a central armrest cum utility zone.


  • Getting inside, our team was nearly jaw dropped with its 5 star hotel’s presidential suite like interiors.
  • The list for the amenities could go on endless for pages, but some of them to be pointed out were-
    1. Uber quality leather wrapped dash with two intuitive 31.2 cm TFT HD displays, one for infotainment and the other for consoles and meters.
    2. 2-Spoke old school Multi-Function steering wheel with wood and Nappa leather blends.
    3. Panorama sunroof with one touch operation and rain sensors.
    4. MEMORY PACKAGE seats in leather with heating, ventilation and massage functions and Comfort Headrests.
    5. 7- Color ambient lightening for ultra modern touch.
    6. THERMOTRONIC, 4-Zone luxury automatic Climate Control with rear individual controls.
    8. Chiseling Aluminum buttons around the cabin in pearl finish.
    9. High-Gloss brown Eucalyptus wood trim for more enriched and infused luxury if all of this was not enough.
  • Apart from these, an ultra modern and futuristic entertainment system is there for your pleasures when your chauffeur is driving in the CHAUFFEUR PACKAGE with more fun packed for the rear seats like a central armrest with foldable tables, heated cup-holders, Telephony and a BERMSTER audio system and two 21 cm wireless screens with wireless radio headphones for passengers and a mini fridge for your time-passing wine sips (first class rear).
  • You also get, in addition to such space an entertainment package which actually converts your car to your work station with car acting as an integrated WiFi Hotspot in addition to COMAND online, SATNAV system, 6 DVD player, a 200GB HDD for the whole system in car, USB, AUX-IN etc and what not!
  • These and much more are the reason why we fell in love with this car the moment we entered into it.


  • The overall design too, we felt is now completely transformed and gets our thumbs up for more sleek, sporty yet class leading grace it now carries.
  •  Our experts found the integrated interplay of concave and convex surfaces on the car to be truly a class apart and a step ahead in aerodynamic design institution.
  • A 3D radiator grille with four blades, horizontal sporty lines which finishes on 3-Strip LED Bicolor tail-lamps looks uber class.
  • And an adaptive set of LED front and rear lights with DRL and Fog lamps in this car, takes LED lightening to a whole new level with a total of more than 300 LEDs used in the car and outside.


  • In safety department as well, our peeps were astonished to find out a long list of cool and class challenging features which are placed in this car’s masterpiece and lightweight body.
  • It promises ultra level of security with-
    1. Surround view cameras
    3. Night-View assist safety
    4. Adaptive Brakes with HOLD function and HILL START ASSIST.
    5. BAS, EPS, ABS ASR etc are standard.
    6. An active Crash Sensor
    7. PRE-SAFE program designed by Mercedes-Benz
    8. ATTENTION ASSIST PLUS etc are some to be mentioned safety measures which are taken care of in the New Mercedes-Benz S class.

Final Verdicts

With new and completely transformed design and styling, best in class interiors and functions, best in class safety and security pre-safe function and loads of optional package options for even more richer feel, this car gets literally thumbs up without a single flaw we could find in such a blemish free car. And hence, we claim it to be, so far the best Saloon to be made for our country money can buy.    

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