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Mercedes B Class – Expert Reviews

Mercedes-Benz B-class@ 27.95 -28.95 Lakhs
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Mercedes-Benz is literally on a mission to regain its dignity as a premium car maker brand in India which kinda lost its echo some years back to the roar of its rivals. And with that mission on top priority, Merc actual bent a little to rise up briskly with the launch of its premium and cheap products inline, the A-Class and now, the B-Class “Sports Tourer”, as Benz claims it to be. And with that on cards this time, let’s have a glance how we spun  around with this latest car in the market, testing it thoroughly all across the city and on highways for our expert’s review section.


As we moved towards the vehicle, it didn’t surely served us with hooliganism in its looks but the vehicle looked well built, tough and charming in its own way. As said earlier in the specifications, we really found this to be a little mixer of CLS and R-Class put together in a very neat, simple and proportionate package. Then comes the part where our team enters its cave-like cabin and were we surprised? O yes we were! This car is a sure shot merc class with what we got to notice inside. Leather, chrome, wood all blending across each other like a made for each other combo and never to miss that long list if features it offers and what we noticed there.

Best part what our driver discovered was an optional two way shifter for that 7-speed dual-clutch box with paddle or column shifters to choose from and ofcourse, a lot of space and pace for a true family car.

Driving this latest car was a treat itself with that German sense of being the masters of the game when it comes the autobahn manners. With decent and uncompromising city riding abilities, this car really feels at home on the highways. Our driver comments,” I floored the throttle once I was on the open road and the car suddenly changes the character in a manner that would make Dr Evil look fade in comparison”. Revs built quickly and power came all the way linear and cheesy enough to make it very clear to us that we aren’t messing around with some ordinary hatchback here.

What was also very surprising, was the way this B-Class handles with maybe not the ergonomics but dynamically a serious challenge to many saloons out there. Handles and steers well too. What more would you want? O we get it! The cons right? Let’s keep moving then.


Well to be honest, after riding and synching with this vehicle, all we can say is we love it! And if you won’t, maybe you will be expecting too much, just like we did!

With everything really impressive with this car, the first thing which bothers us here is the way Benz calls it a Sports Tourer when there is nothing about it being a reason to call it that, instead! It’s a family car.

Apart from that, this car is just precise from every aspect but then, the engine is not something you can play along like a dragster. The AMG inspired gearing is something really oomphatic on papers but isn’t much phenomenal in slow traffic, the shifts feel lethargic and the car generally quite heavy. Even the electromagnetic feels on heavier side and the suspension setup is effective but noisy while dealing with rough roads. But all these tilts just swoosh away when this thing starts moving in the fast lane.

And last but not the least, this car is surely a feature packed and stuffed one but with alteration of those no reverse parking sensors, front passenger seats with limited manual controls and GPS as an “option” will be a bit odd, considering this is being pegged as a luxury tourer, keeping in mind that this doesn’t come cheap! Do you think it is, at 23 lakhs something? Well its upto you! Will be mentioned further in the consumer car reviews maybe.


It’s not a hot looking car, but get past that and the amazing combination of sorted driving dynamics and proper performance makes the B-Class a much more delightful proposition and a best new car in the segment for sure.  And we wish it to be a best selling car as well!

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