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Mahindra Verito Vibe User’s review

Mahindra Verito Vibe@ 6.00 - 6.90 Lakhs

Cars are like some hot and freshly baked cakes in the bakery, just as its warm aroma decides its taste and consumption quantity, the consumer inclination on a car over its pre-sale popularity aroma decides it’s after launch sales.

And here, in case of the new Mahindra Verito Vibe(CS), scenario is a bit altered. The car is already in the market and sales have just started, whether it’s gonna be sky high or marginally low, can’t be decided as yet for its still a fresh cake with its aroma enclosed in the case. But as the car approaches its sales point, the showrooms, it’s so predictable for the mob to swim around over this new cake and have their piece of temptation and which comprises here, our user review section.


Basically, the rookie sessions of the car with some of its aspirants claim that the car is overall a good carrier of the remarkable Verito badge and being a boot-cut version of the sedan still does the job like its predecessor when it comes in providing comfort to the inmates. The car has ample space for all the passengers along with the driver.

Apart from the space +point, which always takes away the cherry for Mahindra cars, this car disappoints many in terms of providing creature comforts to the new buyers, as it lacks basic features such as steering adjustment, seat adjustment, and other basic necessities which some cars on lesser price tags are capable of providing, say the Ford Figo and the Swift Diesel.

Besides, it delivers good quality on an overall built but costumers expected a bit more on the power front of the car and the mileage which disappoints many.

Else, the car is still a young blood and as not many have had a chance to be aqcuinted with Vibe, we can still expect the car to make good sales for its successful past and the family background.

Talking about the driving dynamics, test riders found it up to the level for its riding abilities and overall ride quality is superb as that of the sedan, the only thing they worry about is the after sales service methods as it has not been a good experience for many Mahindra buyers apart from the SUV owners who are always privileged according to the ownership reviews.


So, whether the vibe is gonna vibe your senses of vibrate you, is still to be witnessed but on the basis of costumer approach and reviews, for the time being, the car takes away a good 3.5 points out of 5.

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