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Home News and StoriesMahindra launched XUV500 Automatic for INR 15.36 lakhs

Mahindra launched XUV500 Automatic for INR 15.36 lakhs

Mahindra XUV500@ 11.21 - 17.36 Lakhs
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The leading automobile manufacturer Mahindra has disclosed the 6 speed automatic variant of its Cheetah inspired XUV500 in India at a base price of INR 15.36 lakhs in Mumbai for the W8 variant. The latest accumulation to the Indian car maker’s collection will be offered in its W8 and W10 models.

After a prolonged wait, the Mahindra has finally unveiled the automatic version of its popular hatchback SUV XUV500, which will comes on road with a 6 speed automatic gearbox, created by Aisin Seiki, the Japanese component manufacturer. Adventure lovers are also given the choice to switch to the AWD option whilst the car also features two more uphill climbing modes for mountains.

The new gearbox comes with a torque convertor and six forward gears and one reverse gear compared to the traditional five plus one among its competitors. It also presents a manual transmission mode that can be used by shifting the lever of gear to the left side of the ‘Drive’ mode. Apart from this, the gearbox has in built features such as hill start assist and a crawl function that grips the car at 10kmph without putting force on the accelerator, which is actually a boon in Indian traffic. It is powered by a 2.2-litre mHawk engine which produces 142PS of power at 3,750rpm with 330Nm torque amid 1,600 and 2,800rpm.

Excepting the W4 and W6 models, the Automatic gearbox will be available in three models of the XUV500. The W10 version will get equally the manual and the new automatic and the all-wheel drive package. W8, on the other hand, will be available with the front wheel drive layout and with both the manual and the automatic.  Mahindra has not used a usual straight shift pattern and has as an alternative, chosen a gated type shifter to fix the gear lever. There is no button on the gear shifter and using the brake switch is enough to change from Park to Drive mode.

Other high-flying features comprise of the electric sunroof, fully automatic temperature control, 6-way power adjustable driver’s seat and a reverse parking camera with vibrant aid.

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