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Hyundai Xcent – Expert Review

Hyundai Xcent@ 4.96 - 7.77 Lakhs
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When Hyundai’s new experiment of turning the brand’s most popular hatchback Grand i10 into a sedan has finally made its debut in Indian car market, we also tried our hand on this classy Grand i10 based sedan which has been named as Hyundai Xcent. At first look it’s looking like a wonderful experiment by company with appealing performance and affordable price range. To know more about this new Hyundai car, let’s go deep.


  • The price range is quite competitive and puts the car as one of main rival of same segment.
  • Hyundai has placed this new model in the price bracket of 4.66-7.19 lakhs in petrol while 5.56-7.38 lakhs in diesel.

User's Asked Question

Engine details:

  • Both 1.2 liter petrol as well as 1.1 liter diesel fuel unit is small yet powerful.
  • The developed max output and torque of petrol variant is almost same as sibling hatchback Grand i10, the diesel fuel has been improved a bit though which now results as slightly increased torque.
  • Presence of 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission gearboxes ensure the well balance handling on road.
  • The claimed mileage of 19.1km/l in petrol MT, 16.96km/l in petrol AT looks sufficient as per the size of engine n developed torque.
  • Contrary, company has done a great job by improving the diesel engine with better technology and making it one of the best fuel efficient models in same segment. It offers 24.4 km/l of claimed figures in diesel.


  • The new sedan of Xcent is taking ahead the well known tradition of hatch Grand i10 in terms of on-road performance.
  • It offers an outstanding decent ride and stable drivability for which Grand i10 is already famous for.
  • Thanks to the new technology used in Xcent, its riding and handling stays stable on low as well as top speeds.
  •  The equipped steering wheel is light and makes handling smoother like the Grand i10.
  • Overall, the new Xcent is nothing different than the sibling hatch Grand i10 especially on the basis of on-road performance.
  • On the grounds of safety, ABS has been provided in new sedan but as an optional feature while dual airbags making their presence as standard.

Space & Dimension:

  • Dimension wise, Xcent is again another Grand i10 with slightly longer length.
  • Seems like company was not in the mood to do any experiment in its measurement and style which is li’l bit disappointed.
  • The Xcent’s length of 3995mm is more than Grand i10 while 1660mm of width and 1520mm of height are as same as its sibling.
  • The boot space of 407 liters is something to be relieved in terms of its dimensions and space.
  • Though legroom and headroom of Xcent at front as well as rear seat are sufficient and gives a feel of comfort after sitting in it.


  • And the Grand i10 again…uff!! But what’s good here is, still company has tried its best to make it different than its sister hatchback.
  • The equipments like fully automated temperature control (FATC), 2-DIN integrated audio having 1GB internal memory, smart key with push button start/stop are fresh features and has tendency to attract the customers.
  • Basically Hyundai offers a huge line-up of interior and comfort features in this sedan and makes it richer than its some rivals.


  • Definitely not a good work, outside glimpse gives a feel of just an added boot in hatch Grand i10.
  • Comparatively the other same segment rivals have pleasing personality and we were expecting the same with Hyundai too.

Final Verdict:

Needless to say, customers who wanted a sedan model were eagerly waiting for this launch. The reason is definitely the success of grand i10 on which this car is based but there were lot more chances to make this new Xcent better. Its price, performance etc are all looking good but look can be an issue for some customers.

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