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Home News and StoriesHonda develops world’s first predictive cruise control system: to debut in CR-V

Honda develops world’s first predictive cruise control system: to debut in CR-V

Honda CR-V@ 20.25 - 24.26 Lakhs

In recent times emergence of adaptive cruise control is among those innovative technologies which is welcomed by the buyers and automotive industry. Japanese car manufacturer ‘Honda’ seems to take one step ahead by developing world’s first predictive cruise control system known as intelligent adaptive cruise control (I-ACC) which will make its official debut on the 2015 CR-V.

This all new system will be able to analyze and foresee the behavior of other vehicles on roads and it automatically apply brakes reacting to other vehicles ‘cutting you off’ from/into your lane. In short, it analyses and study driver’s behavior. This I-ACC system is based on hardcore real world study of typical European style driving behavior and this system uses camera and radar to evaluate the position of other vehicles on road.

After analyzing the behavior of other vehicles on road I-ACC system uses algorithm to assess other vehicles and their chances to cut into your lane by evaluating relation between multiple vehicles. This new system of Honda can project maximum of six vehicles and forecast its timing to cut in. This system really helps in preventing the risk of collision and it provides comfort driving.

Dr. Kleinehagenbrock, who is responsible for I-ACC at Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbH says, ‘I-ACC takes cruise control systems to a whole new level, offering what we call ‘predictive safety’. “I-ACC is a significant breakthrough and a considerable further step towards a new generation of driver assistance systems that anticipate the behavior of other traffic participants.” He added.

According to the carmaker I-ACC is basically designed to prevent car and its driver to be in a panic situation and it makes drive very smooth so the driver is not caught by sudden shock. With the help of this system at the initial phase of such situation mild brake is applied and then an icon blinks on the dashboard so driver is kept in the region. Strong brakes can be applied to regulate the vehicle’s speed so it can maintain the safe following distance.

This new system is very swift as it able to compute the likely cut-in up situation up to five seconds before its occurrence. The conventional adaptive cruise control systems react in a lazy manner as compared to this new system so it needs stronger braking later.

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