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GM Working on a new Vehicle Platform Codenamed AMBER

It’s not behind curtain anymore that General Motors (Chevrolet) is going through a tough phase as its ongoing models including latest launches Enjoy (MPV), Sail (hatchback) etc are not doing well in the terms of sales. And hence, to come over from this crisis, company is reportedly working on a new platform on which three cars of three various segments will be built. This new platform is said to be codenamed as AMBER.

The cars build on the grounds of this new platform is said to be of hatchback, compact sedan and SUV (one in each). Apart from India, the targeted market for these new platform based vehicles will be Brazil, Russia, Thailand and Mexico.

GM’s this new Amber platform is being designed in Europe then will be engineered in Brazil, as source said.

As per the company, around 1-1.2 million vehicles per year are being expected to sell with this new Amber project out of which 1.5 lakh units are planned to sell in India. Also, General Motors will come up first with SUV in India by the end of 2018 probably and then later, hatchback and compact sedan will be launched.

Till then, company will only bring the facelift and special edition versions of its existing models in country.

GM had a market share of 4.18% in India in Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12) by selling around 1.10 lakh of its vehicles. While in the next fiscal year, it managed to sell just 80,000 units and got market share dropped to 3% from 4.18%. As on March 31, 2013, the company is sitting on accumulated losses of Rs. 2,740.48 crore.

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