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Ford EcoSport – User Review

Ford EcoSport@ 6.79 - 10.44 Lakh
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As soon as the Ford EcoSport was showcased in the previous year’s auto expo, it certainly took away many hearts with its edgy looks and kinetic design schemes, for which Ford has always been famous. But, what more Ford had been famous for is the unmatched handling dynamics and ride ability at affordable prices and a lot of fun for the driver at the same time, Were that fed well?

Thanks to the engineers at Ford, that this car, like most of the other concept designs didn’t go chiseled down and is just the same as appeared on the concept floors, which somehow had been proven to provide an upper hand to this car’s USP and being a looker, this car surely took away enough fans that 30000 orders were already made in just 19 days in march, after the car was officially launched here.

User's Asked Question

Now, that this car had proven its dynamics in style, let’s find out how wholly this car has renders.
With a long list of intended buyers, and deliveries to be made on time, Ford’s Chennai plant is working really hard to meet the need of the increasing demands of producing this car, which is already making the buyers agitated. But still, we managed to encounter some of the lucky guys who could secure their deliveries on time, let’s have a glance at what they have to say about this.

A Gurgaon based businessman, who recently took costudy of his car claims that this car has satisfied him for sure with the kind of quality it is providing at such low costs. The interiors and features such as the newly introduced SYNC feature are really impressive, so as the whole car as a package of safety, entertainment and class.
What he complaints here about is the car’s space, which is not quite adequate for the rear passengers and a third passenger would always make the rides uncomfortable only. But storage spaces for cups, bottles and boot space is very handsome in this car and it is surely comfortable enough with Fiesta derived suspensions and added agility to them for better handling but loses grip on corners with those small, hatchback like tyres. The overall package had impressed him as an owner and he is currently happy with his 1.0 EcoBoost, but a better and slick transmission system and an optional AWD is what he thinks could have made it a burning sensation. Otherwise the car performed well for him and delivers a decent 11 kmpl of mileage.

Another guy, a student, again from Delhi region is somehow confused as he is about to get the delivery of his car and now tempted towards the diesel variant due to certain turbo lags and performance issues he discovered afterwords in the 1.0 litre petrol EcoBoost he ordered for. Poor him!
“When buying a ford in petrol, you don’t expect, you actually know that you are buying a top quality handler and performer”, says he, but this specific model from ford has let him down to have a second opinion about the diesel variant with 1.5 litre TDCi engine, even if it is way expensive then the petrol. Which according to him is way smoother, better performer, handler and efficient than the petrol one which instead makes unpleasant noise and caters not so well on highway and lacks high-speed skills. Diesel had to be his choice in that case!

Others who could only make a test run of this vehicle compares it to the glorious past of the company in India and are somehow not really impressed with the car’s performance. The car’s looks, tall boy design and ground clearance would surely be a USP for this car, but it would not be called a proper compact SUV. A premium hatch with the ground clearance of an SUV, this would surely lack that iconic handling and performing gene of its ancestors. But that surely doesn’t make it a poor handler.
And finally, If only Ford can make the deliveries on time, this car will still sell in India for the badge it carries, and for the glorious past it belongs to. It’s surely not a driver’s car, but it makes sense to have a tall, compact and tough SUV then a sedan or a premium hatch. And then, its a Ford, it might not be on the levels as of the Ikon, but it still is a carrier of that iconic oval blue emblem, which itself makes it a well behaved car. Clears it all I guess!

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