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Ford EcoSport – Hype or Reality

Ford EcoSport@ 6.79 - 10.44 Lakh
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With soon -to-be launched in June 2013, Ford, the American Motor giant has created much hype about its all new car Ecosport in the Indian market already and anxiously waiting for a list of huge bookings, let’s see what reality turns out to be!

Let’s have a look what Ford Ecosport has to offer you!

The new EcoSport SUV boasts of the most comfortable ride saving you from ‘bumps and humps’ because of 200mm of ground clearance and crossing cautiously through the ‘mini rivers’ on roads formed on Indian roads during monsoons. With huge boot capacity of 540 litres you can carry massive luggage while goin on a long family trip. With rear parking sensor and visual display, parking will be fun. Well guys this is not the end, it is just a beginning, there are still features to boast about, with the keyless start button there is hassle free starting up and get a feel of a Boss when you only have to command and the SYNC obeys. Sync powered by Microsoft in combo with the voice control feature will make attending and receiving calls on board and getting your text messages read out aloud by it while you are driving. Tagged as the international engine of the year- ‘EcoBoost’ boasts of 1.0 litre turbocharged engine which provides full torque at 1500rpm. From the safety point of view air bags are placed for the front passengers and on the sides to give you complete protection from impact and their thoughts, ABS with EBD and emergency assistance phone call just adds to it. With length being <4m lesser than other SUVs, makes it perfect for city driving.

User's Asked Question

Well that was the Hype part now coming to the reality part about the car which can be explained by experts itself. After the successful launch in Brazil and China it’s time for the Indians to taste the flavour of the car. Though the test drives by media and experts are partly done and are still in progress, let’s read their reviews: With the turbocharging it is more environment friendly than the other cars in the segment, however the small engine might be a question with only 1l displacement but the capabilities are definitely positive and answerable, this being concluded after the post launch of the car from various global markets. Available in petrol (3 cylinder) giving 120 bhp and 170 Nm of torque and diesel engine (4 cylinder) with the latter being the same as in 2011 Fiesta giving 90 bhp and 204 Nm torque. The interiors are pleasing with no. of storage options and intelligent instrument panel with SYNC and others. But with that also comes some limitations, ride quality can’t match Renault Duster and steering can’t match Hyundai-like electric steering on highways. It’s basically for 4 adults only, for a family of 5, it might be inconvenient because of less cabin space and the most boasted about ‘Ecoboost’ is available only in top variant.

Well after having discussed the features and remarks, you might have got a hint what future the car has in India. Before buying do consider the expert’s review and make up your mind only after a satisfactory test drive.

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