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Fiat Punto EVO – Critic Review

Fiat Punto Evo@ 4.98 - 7.56 Lakhs
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Punto’s facelift version has arrived after the gap of 5 years named as Punto EVO; it enters with the hope to build up the market position of Fiat. Punto has undergone some changes and contains some new features as well. Fiat problem has been the reliability and ownership costs; with many powerful and reliable competitors around like Polo and Elite i20, can Fiat able to achieve it? Let’s have a critical analysis of it.

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  • Fiat Punto EVO’s USP is its price which starts at Rs. 4.55 lakhs while others cars of this segment Like Elite i20 and Polo initially placed at higher price than EVO.
  • EVO gets some beautiful change from outside like chrome surrounding new grille, new design of bonnet etc make it a treat to watch.
  • Cabin is roomier now with perfectly finishing touch which takes glamorous segment of EVO’s interiors to a new height.
  • Handling and Brake has been excellent especially on bumpy roads and corners, its fine suspension can easily absorbs shocks from the roads without affecting your ride.
  • Best in class ground clearance of 195mm which is excellent for rutted Indian roads.
  • Fuel efficiency of diesel engine with the mileage of 21.2 KPL is another advantage that Punto EVO consists.


  • Absence of ABS+EBD, automatic headlamps in base variants of EVO while other cars of this segment offer it as a standard feature.
  • Diesel engine emits lots of noise while you are driving it on lower speeds that you can feel also inside the cabin.
  • Petrol version of EVO could put dents in your pocket quite frequently as the fuel efficiency of petrol Punto is quite low as excepted with 15.8KPL lowest among the competitors like Elite i20 and Polo.
  • Rear legroom space plays as sport spoiler for the EVO, in order to make front seats space ample Fiat forgot that rear person also need sufficient space as well.
  • Nonexistence of music system in base variants which resulted in additional weight on consumer’s pocket.
  •  Externally you might get the sportier touch you need but while driving you will miss the extra zing you might except from EVO.
  • Lastly, Fiat’s reliability factor and ownership value could act as a hurdle in achieving the milestones fiat is expecting. 
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