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Expert’s review of Jaguar F-type

Jaguar F-Type@ 1.39 - 1.63 Cr.
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The Carzoom expert’s speech:  the pros of the car are that it is fully electric convertible roof along with the essence of a sports car with amazing pickup to reach from 0-100 km/hr in just 4.3(4.9 )secs, 8-speed quickshift gearbox, reliable braking system and excellent ride quality. Among the cons are: the car offer seat only to 2 people, so it’s definitely not a family car, also the boot space is too small, so if you thought you would plan a long holiday then sorry the boot can’t afford to keep multiple baggage. Well the car is meant only for high-tech people who are comfortable with the automatic transmission and not for one’s those who want to stick to manual transmission. And also the car is overpriced with starting price of Rs.1.37 crore for ‘S’ version, and Rs. 1.61 crore for V8 S.

The car was launched in India on 8th July by Tata Motors owned Jaguar Land Rover. The car is already proud for having won the accolade of ‘best design of the year 2013’ out of 43 cars. The expert team test drove the car in Bombay on a rainy day observes certain things about this brand new car. The seating is not too low in height and visibility is good and you can spot the pits and holes on Indian roads and immediately take action and gave a descent ride on the damped roads of Bombay. Also the car is still comfortable when ran over the humps.

The car comes with a light weight aluminium body which is solid and redefines the high power to weight ratio and structure of the car is highly aerodynamic. He appreciated the driving assistance features like blind spot monitoring and cruise control. Another unique feature is the reverse traffic detection which can give warning about the vehicles on the reverse track.

The car gives a low mileage 14.3kmpl for the V6 S version and 12kmpl for the V8 S version which might let down some people, but it should be understood that a sports car is meant for great power and speed. And just to lure the onlookers the car comes in 13 vibrant colors including the Salsa Red, Firesand, Ebony and Indigo. Also the interiors and built with great precision keeping in mind the comfort of the commuters. The seats are quite wide to let a fat person rest comfortably, the leather upholstery adds to the royal feel on the car. For those who wanna customize the interiors can choose from a range of upholstery fabric & colors, music system and woofers. And when it comes to a sports car Wheels are one of the first thing that a customer wanna see, the expert noticed that the car has got 19 inch propeller for the V6 S version and 20 inch turbine silver alloy wheels for the V8 S version. According to him the the pros are the sporty ride it gives and the comfortable seats but he feels that the rear profile of the Jaguar V6 S can be enhanced.

After its predecessors D-type and E-type which have brought revolution in the world of racing, the F-type only adds a feather in the cap of the Brand jaguar. So pull your socks up and get ready for a test ride.

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