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Expected car launches in 2014 under 10 lakhs

We know it very well, that the most fledged and bloomed segment of Indian Automobile Market is placed under 10 lakhs. That’s why for most of the companies, this middle class segment means a lot, until and unless the company is some high-end German Automotive Giant. Otherwise, this segment is what usually decides the fate for mostly all the companies. And so, with our main focus on this particular under 10 lakhs segment, we are here with a list and overview of some of the vehicles which are expected to hit the market this year with total compactness and affordability. We witnessed a lot of buzz already about this segment in the Auto expo this year, and hence we tried to get you some of the main and most appealingly talked about vehicles which may make their first appearances later this year.

Let’s see what our Motor Market has to offer this year, with competition touching par excellence already in this market segment.

1. Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift

Amongst much awaited cars of this segment, Maruti’s tough-boy, Swift remains yet again on top of the list for customer’s expectations with a face lifted version of this popular market hatch. The 2014 edition may not be a whole New Swift with expected similar engine and body trims and styling. But a fully fledged treatment for front and rear end of the car with LED rear combi-lamps, front LED DRLs, new headlamp and grille package seems surely to be on cards for this car.

Apart from that, expect a new and advanced central LCD touch infotainment system with SATNAV for added market competition and newness. A more plush and sporty interior could also not be denied if we get lucky.

Expected Launch – Later this year

Expected Price Range - 5-8 lakhs

2. Hyundai IX35

Another big news could come straight from the next most admired Auto Giant like Hyundai, which are expected to launch a new compact SUV in the market under the very popular price range against market dominators like Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster etc. carrying the same Verna inspired Fluidic design theme further with Swept-back lamps with a more mature and sophisticated appeal this time, on an Urban and Sporty SUV body. Expect Verna similar interiors with better space and storage count with yet no details about the engine is revealed. We expect the similar Verna machinery though as of now.

Expected Launch – anytime after mid 2014

Expected Price Range – 6.5-9.0 lakhs

3. Maruti Suzuki SX4 Facelift

Another good news from Maruti-Suzuki’s stable could come regarding a face lifted launch of the 2014 SX4, which is also expected to make its appearance soon with new and sleeker than before body, more grown-up and lean stance and overall profile, larger and more appealing headlamps which may accommodate projectors in the clusters for both, more competitiveness in market styling and for better visibility. Apart from that, with similar engines as of now, the car could also go a step further with better and class competing interiors and features inside.

Expected Launch – later this year

Expected Price Range - similar 8-10 lakhs band

4. New Honda Jazz

Even after presenting new and appreciated avatar of Honda City this year, we believe Honda is still feeling very energetic as it announces a much awaited and facially upgraded version of Jazz to introduce soon. With newly chiseled edgy design like the ongoing European Civic with better styling and freshness, the company this time is planning to plant this groovy upper-market hatchback with a new set of engines including the new 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel engine from glorious Amaze and a 1.2 litre i-VTEC engine shared with the new City. Apart from that, company heads and spokespersons promise a better pricing than before with better and high-end features to be equipped in the new Jazz for a more jazzy experience.

Expected Launch – July 2014

Expected Price Range – 5-8 lakhs to be precise

5. Skoda Rapid Facelift

Skoda, after launching the new and refreshed versions of its flagship cars like Superb and Octavia, is now planning to infuse the same Octavia styling to its budget sedan, the Rapid. The car is said to have borrowed looks from New Octavia in addition to a new grille, head and tail lamps, front and rear bumpers etc. with new and classier interiors are also expected to boost up the whole Rapid experience. Also, as the company confirms, the New Rapid is expected to replace the older 1.6 litre petrol engine with a new 1.2 litre TSi engine.

Expected Launch – Late 2014 or early 2015

Expected Price Range – 7-10 lakhs

6. Tata Zest and Bolt

Tata Motors is also expected to make its mark in the coming future with serious plans to cater something fresh to the compact market with two new launches on cards and under full speculations of people. One is a compact sedan called Zest and the other is a hatch version of the same called Bolt. Both the cars are expected to be here in the market soon. But still, Zest is making more headlines for it’s similar to Bolt features, new 1.2 litre Revotron petrol and 1.3 litre Quadra jet diesel engines. Inside, the car is expected to be very tough and rich both at same times with new in class features. Looks of the car is sweet with compact stance and freshly designed and whole new front and rear ends.

Expected Launch – anytime now

Expected Price Range - 5-7 lakhs

7. Datsun GO+

With just launching its tough and compact new Go hatch in the market, Datsun seems already on high future plans for establishing a more fledged Indian Market position. That’s why it reveals it’s Go+ to be launched sooner this year also. The Datsun Go+ is going to be a compact UV/Estate like car with an option for accommodating 7 people. Based on the same Go platform, the car is not only going to be similar in looks to Go, but is also going to share the same wheelbase counts with its hatch sister and added length to the same body for more space for accommodation. Apart from that, until now, everything seems to remain same like Go inside this car as well, but we still expect better and more suited interiors coming.

Expected Launch – late 2014

Expected Price Range - 5-8 lakhs

8. Fiat Grande Punto EVO

If you thought, unlike us, that until now the Fiat Punto was not killing enough, then you have good news friends as Fiat is planning on a big time Punto facelift to be launched in the market. With new and more refined and cleaner looks, new bumper in front and rear and newly placed headlights and tail-light assembly, the new Grande Punto looks more sharper and inspiring, with a few borrowed elements from its Maserati siblings under Fiat’s lordship. Apart from styling, interiors may impress you too but the engine units remain same as the ongoing model.

Expected Launch – almost in the market

Expected Price Range - 5-8 lakhs

9. Skoda Fabia Facelift

We guess so far, after pulling off Fabia from production line in August last year due to sales crash, Skoda is yet again ready to launch its premium class hatchback. We believe this time; it’s for better that they are planning to re-launch the car. And as for now, the only news we have got about this upcoming hatch from the Czech makers is that it is going to be launched this time with an RS version with more power and performance figures. We hope the car to be an upgraded version of the previous model with new styling elements and new engine options under its hood. Also, we believe this time at least, Skoda should learn and price its Hatch at a more affordable pricing than before, and with some more features.

Expected launch – late 2014

Expected Price Range - 5.30- 7.60 lakhs

10. Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha

With compact SUV market getting more demanding, how could we not expect the country leading automotive company to not to come up with such a class leading vehicle. And hence, rumors are all lit with news of Maruti Suzuki launching a new compact SUV/Crossover seems hot in the market. Expect the vehicle to be a futuristic one in terms of designing, which still somehow remains under the curtains by company. But still, a very retro-modern element of the car, its large chunky wheels seems exciting to be leaked out. Apart from that, the car will be a sub 4 meter SUV based on the same Swift platform and we expect, as rumors suggest two engine trims with a Fiat 1.3 litre4-Cyl Multijet diesel and a 1.2 litre 4-Cyl K-Series petrol are most likely to appear under the hood.

Expected Launch – Late 2014 or early 2015

Expected Price Range - 7-10 lakhs

11.Honda Vezel

Apart from the Jazz re-launch we talked about, Honda is also expected to give the market a more potent and deliberate compact SUV/Crossover as well. News is, that Honda is also planning on to launch its Vezel SUV later this year based on the same Jazz platform and under 4 meter as well. Expect very futuristic and classy details in styling like large horizontally stretched headlight and tail-light assembly in addition to large and suave grille in chrome and swept roofline for a sportier stance and overall appeal. Apart from that, a team of three engines i.e. 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel, 1.2 litre i-VTEC petrol and another 1.5 litre i-VTEC petrol engine would be there in total, the same engines which currently run almost all the Honda cars.

Expected Launch- anytime after mid 2014

Expected Price Range- 8-12 lakhs

12. Ford Fiesta Facelift

The current Fiesta might be a good car overall, but in looks it doesn’t really impress many, maybe this was the thought behind Ford’s thinking when they finally planned to give the current Fiesta a nip-tuck job with better looks based on the ongoing European Fiesta hatch. With that, the car is expected to look more sober now, with better face job and non-boxy and non-Chinese toy like looks as before. Maybe the front grille and air-dam be designed with a blend of Eco into it.

Interiors and ride were already fine, but still we believe some touch-ups would be needed inside as well with better infotainment system like the Eco again. We are also told that the new gem for Ford Motors, their charming 1.0 Litre EcoBoost engine may also join the team for Fiesta with an expected Dual-Clutch AT system for more refined, “ikon’ic’’ and “Classic’’ rides.

Expected Launch- late 2014

Expected Price Range- 8-11 lakhs

13. Fiat Viaggio

Apart from the newly launched Linea and upcoming Grande Punto, Fiat is also planning for a compact market sedan to introduce as well. The Viaggio as they call it, is going to be a very fresh change for Fiat in India with better than ever looks and sophistication which was always felt missing in the Linea. Based on Dodge Dart’s Chinese version, we expect the Viaggio to be like a complete sedan actually, with better space, interior comforts and opulence while still being totally affordable.

As of now, only a petrol engine seems on board which will be a 1.4 litre 4-Cyl Turbocharged T-Jet engine. And if launched with decent marketing skills, this car may change the games for Fiat in India forever.

Expected Launch- late 2014

Expected Price Range- 7-10 lakhs

So, these were some of the few cars which seems like they are going to be here in the market very soon. But still, as we all know the market is very unpredictable so we can’t predict which of these is going to be jumping out of the papers to showrooms and when exactly. But still we hope most of them to be here soon this year in addition to some more launched that may take place on a sudden note like

  • Chevrolet’s stepped-down version of Captiva called Trax for compact market.
  • Kia is also expected to enter the Indian market with its Sportage compact SUV which is going to be over 4 meter.
  • Force One is also planning on a new MPV derived and inspired from Mercedes-Benz’s Viano for smaller and affordable market.
  • Apart from that, Mahindra is also up for a new SUV to add to its stable in addition to the New and upgraded Scorpio, which is expected to be here soon.
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