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Datsun GO – Critics Review

Nissan Datsun GO@ 3.00 - 5.00 Lakhs
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With the entrance of Datsun in Indian car market with its trendy hatchback GO, competition level has been increased on a higher level. The reason is said to be its in-range price, classy glimpse and appealing on road performance. When the experts as well as its users who have taken its test drive etc are complementing this new hatch model, let’s see what critics have to say on this.


  • The under hood is applauding and 1.2 liter engine with better power and torque making it one of the good fuel efficient model.
  • 20.63 km/l of claimed mileage in petrol unit is definitely an impressive thing to be noticed.
  • The drivability and handling of GO is decent and gives a comfort feel even in city roads.
  • The price range is much affordable and cheaper or almost equal with other same segment models which give it a deserving chance to be opt-out from many by the customers.
  • GO’s more length and more width than other same segment rivals make it best-one on the grounds of space.
  • The car boot of 265 liters is wonderful too.
  • The new experiment of company in GO by equipping the emergency brake (hand brake) at front providing the front row a vacant space between driver and co-passenger seats which can be used as luggage holder etc.
  • The availability of seven accessories packages is a good try; it contains many requisite features in a bulk in every pack which saves customers time to opt the essential features one at a time. Though, these packages can be availed by paying extra money with the actual cost of GO.
  • There are also many features like follow-me-home headlamps, mobile docking system etc which are first in segment and beneficial too.

User's Asked Question


  • The engine performs well but makes so much of noise too probably coz of poor NVH levels in GO.
  • The most required features in terms of safety like ABS and airbags are missing, not even available in top-end variants or in additionally offered accessories packages.
  • The new Datsun GO faced cost cutting in features like fixing of mobile docket instead of music system or single double-arm wiper etc which is quite obvious coz of its low price range but it can disappoint many customers.
  • The material quality used in GO is even unsatisfactory too and doesn’t sit behind the other same segment cars by various reliable brands like Maruti Suzuki etc.
  • Datsun brand is new in India and hence lacks in service centers which can be resulted as poor after sale services.
  • And if we consider the after sale services of the brand Nissan which is supporting Datsun, then we find disappointment even there as well on the same grounds.
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