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User Reviews of Chevrolet Enjoy

Chevrolet Enjoy@ 6.24 - 8.79 Lakhs

As the buyer is getting smart and particular about its buy, the market is getting flushed with choices. With the MPV market gaining popularity, companies are all set to pull up their horses in the right direction towards the costumer. So today, from personal use to commercial use, MPV vehicles are so much in demand.
And with an effort to cover that stretch of the market, Chevrolet introduces the all new Enjoy MPV against some already chart-topping buys like the Maruti Ertiga, Mahindra Quanto and the Nissan Evalia. What is there to note is,  how successful this vehicle had been all this time in this short span of time with the costumers? let’s find out.

This car has a lot of practicality as what the owners and agreeable buyers would never miss to mention. Besides, this car offers too much value for money spent on it.

Many new buyers couldn’t even control their exhilaration regarding this new mile muncher and didn’t even get worried taking it on long and harsh highway rides which really outshined its ability of doing miles without a fuss.
Apart from driveabilty and long run ability of this MPV, the car stands prominent as a big and spacious one with best in class space and easy accessibility to the third row which is really a drill in many other cars of the same category like the Ertiga and the Evalia.

The interiors, as mentioned earlier, are still old school but the buyers won’t stress much on that as it still makes it look auspicious and contented.

What buyers worry about, in this car, is the turbo-lag before it reaches 1700 rpm and the engine stress when fully loaded on-board certainly pushing the engine to make some extra labour, which is avoidable if you go for that pricey on pocket, petrol variant. But being a RWD, this car is surely gonna fill up all its empty cavities of laggings.

This car with its class topping features and practicality, combined with Chevrolet’s remarkable service network is like a cherry on top of a cake so moist and uber sweet to the palate for sure. And with all these comments summarised from real owner’s report, its definately a job well done by Chevrolet.

The prices are competitive for which makes it an easy buy for both, personal users, commercial users or people carriers. Overall a “LUVd” non- ertiga is here.

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