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Car care tips for Monsoon

In this monsoon season, while people are enjoying the weather, the automobiles might face a serious problem with it and then so may their owners. To help you in that case, we are bringing some useful tips for protecting your car. Spending a little time can save you from getting into any kind of trouble.

  • Before leaving the home, check the car’s tyres and its air pressure properly. It’s necessary for them to be in good condition always. The depth of tyres must be within advised limits. It will help the car from skidding on wet road.
  • The headlights and tail lights of a car should be in proper working condition as well, coz wet roads absorb more lights and hence you will need suitable lights at the time of heavy raining.
  • Do check if brakes, wiper blades etc are working well or not, if find any exhausted components, replace them immediately.
  • The metal frame of car responsible to protect the interior components from moisture, hence it should be rust free and corrosion less. So, keep the frame clean and dry always.
  • If it’s raining heavily, then try to avoid the over flooded roads. But if it’s still important for you to go then keep your car’s speed as slow as you can. Being late is better than meeting with an accident.
  • You must have a rope and a trowel within yourself in such raining condition. These will help you in case if your car will stick somewhere.
  • Keep a torch or flashlight with yourself as you never know when you will need it. At the time of raining, visibility becomes very poor normally.
  • First aid kit having all the essential things is also necessary. This kit should be present in your car always.
  • One of the basic things to keep with you is food or anything to eat. It might possible that you have to stuck somewhere for long due to jam or something.

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