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BMW i 3 – Specifications and Features

This new BMWi3 car is bound to bring revolution in the automobile industry with its electromobile nature! Electromobile in the sense, that it can be charged through BMW i Wallbox at home or at public mobile charging stations. And to search for a suitable charging station use the BMW i Remote app or BMW ConnectedDrive internet portal. Thus the car is completely emission free and thus environment friendly.

Specifications: The dimensions of the car are 3999mm x 1775mm x1578 mm. Now since its a electromobile the mileage and battery info is slight different, the BMW eDrive enery consumption is 12.9 KWh/ 100 km. With the electric motor the max power and max torque figures are 125 KW and 250 Nm. Top speed achievable is 150 km/hr and acceleration from 0-100 km/hr in just 7.2 sec. The capacity of Li ion battery is 18.8 KWh. The car can be 80% charged in 30 min at a fast DC charging station and electric range in Km is 190.

Electrifying Looks!! I am sure the first look will make crazy as this new car resembles the character ‘iron man’ in the movie Iron man with the dual colour body scheme especially with the black & steel-grey body. The car is an urban hatchback and agile giving easy manoeuvrability in city and easy parking even in congested places. It has a highly aerodynamic structure with edges & curves at the right places on the sides especially in the new style of windows.  The front grill are in the shape of a kidney and called kidney grill by BMW  along with U- shape headlights coupled with seductive fog lamps  give an appealing look to the car. The rear doors are openable from the side where the front door ends.  Thus when both front and rear doors are opened together, it gives a holistic inside view. The wheels are quite special like in all BMW cars with the 155/70 19 inch large alloy wheels with 10 spokes in the form of a star. There is a unique blue line running along the side at the bottom of the door, visible only when the door is opened. At every point you will feel the technology innovation on the exteriors as well as on the interiors in the form of lightness, efficiency and safety.

Interiors : The interior aura is awesome with the mixed urbanely fashioned leather and fabric upholstery which also has sound absorbing facility. There 4 types of the upholstery namely Atelier, Loft, Lodge and Suite each with its own magnificent looks and characteristics. Mind it, it’s quite unique!! The use of wood at the dashboard looks great. Storage options like cup holders near the gearbox and other pockets are prevalent. The seating level is high to give the apt vision while driving in crowd and also the car has no central tunnel which obstructs shifting/moving from 1 side to the other, needed especially when the car is parked at an edge/tight parking space. There is a smooth steering wheel with a bright lining, instrument cluster, start/stop button, gear selection lever and coloured display screen which has radio, telephone , multimedia and ConnectedDrive options and ofcourse the BMW i navigation system.

The car is built with carbon fibre thus giving a very strong structure, with driver assistance feature the driver will automagically take the right routes and decisions as it warns about collisions due in time. Because of intelligent networking with BMW apps emergency conditions can be met efficiently.

M sure these feature must have rocked and rolled you, well guys the car is launched only in USA as of now, so wait patiently until BMW brings this car in india and once it does, we’ll let you know how well does it performs on Indian roads.

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