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BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe – Expert Review

BMW 6 Series@ 1.14 - 1.21 Crores

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe! We know how excited we were when the first of its kind 6 Series was launched firstly in India, ask our expert drivers too! So it was totally evident and expected of us to go mad over this new avatar of the series.
Driving this car is like living a dream, but that dream is achieved by our expert drivers in their job. Darn lucky they are! So let’s keep it rolling and find out what they have to say about this seemingly sheer beauty!

First things first, this car is totally a new looker and was really appreciated for its refreshed and flowing water movement design theme and scheme by our team and BMW can never be thanked enough for being so surprising all the time. But, what one of our senior members noticed here is missing, which nobody else could, were those charming eye-lids which BMW’s older version used to sport, experience speaks! But then, forgetting those good and not so old days, our team had a reason to rejoice for this newly carved, ultra sharp coupe for its flow and artistic aesthetics.

Entering the car can calm down even a grusero like HULK, so how can our guys control their eyes not to sparkle with the non-tachy bling of this car, stuffed with uber quality leather and features all around the cabin! Ask our driver, how it feels to be surrounded by luxury at its best, flowing subtly over the latest gizmotic features this car accommodates. And don’t expect us to repeat the whole feature list once again because once started, there is no turning back with the countless features it fits under that impeccably fit dashboard and other boards too!

About the new engine, the 3.0 litre V6 does the duty just too well. With more than enough power under its chambers to be burst out through its exhaust throats, this tourer sounded nicely muted at low revs, but just when we pushed the throttle a little more than needed, on a long and isle stretch of road, it was loud enough to thump the ground like some beats punching your eardrums! “This V6 is so brutle, that it once for a moment made me forgot that I was driving a V6 diesel and not a V8 petrol, there is no such thing like a turbo lag in it” Says that lucky man who got to drive it for us.

We drove it all day and tell you what, it never ever let us feel tired for a moment, its that comfortable! But strictly a four seater and all the four get their own class and cabin comforts inside, and outside too this car balances pretty well with Dynamic Drive Active Suspension System as an option which thankfully was there in the version we drove with Integral Active Steering for smooth rides and improved handling across the city. A real job for a 1.8 tonne tourer!

Oh well! Yes, this car is not all that goodie-goodie stuff and despite the fact we hate to criticize such game changers, we still have to do it for good and for these cars to reach perfection, as they say,”there’s always scope for improvement.”
To begin with, this car is perfect, in looks, in cabin-creature-luxury and even with the engine stuff. But the engine, with more than enough power still, could have been a bit more raved like the one with added horses in the new X6. Also, the 8-speed auto box felt brisk in upshifts throughout the day, but downshifts in the comfort mode were a bit lazy as compared to the sport mode, which does the shifts more swiftly.

Unlike older-gene BeeMs, the Gran Coupe here gets an electromechanical steering. “It was nice and light at low speeds but doesn’t return enough feedback and doesn’t even weigh up with an increase in speed, which somewhat took away from the pleasure of driving. ” Says our man on maneuver here. And apart from being too expensive all around, this doesn’t bother much to us on totality and talking about mileage as a suspect in its pride will be a waste as you can’t blend aggression with efficiency completely!

Inches ahead of the other super coupes with better driving dynamics but not so aggressive in pricing when loaded on top! Super refined motor with two extra doors and state of the art features!

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