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Audi A8 L – Expert Reviews

Audi A8 L@ 1.07 - 1.77 Crore
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It has not been a long time that Audi India launched its new and periodic upgraded version of its flagship Saloon car, the uber luxurious yet sporty, 2014 Audi A8 L. The car needs no introduction and we all know that A8 had always been an epitome and a pioneer in luxury car market with its sophisticated styling and ultimate German genes. But this time apart especially, as our experts went through this car, they discovered a different kind of breeze in it. This car according to them, now feels not just more brilliant, but better in terms of driving skills incorporated into it.  Apart from that, what other brilliance our experts felt about this car, we should move ahead and find out in our Expert Reviews section. Let’s go…


  • A car so perfect and admirable with wonders of engineering blended into it can’t ever come any cheaper, so how could we expect the A8 to be so.
  • Still costing considerably lesser than its other German rivals, Audi prices A8 very leniently.
  • The 3.0 TDI Quattro costs 1.12 Cr, the 4.2 TDI Quattro costs 1.23 Cr while the top of the line for now, 4.2 TFSI Quattro costs a whopping 1.27 Cr (all prices are Ex-Showroom Delhi).

Engine Details

  • Under the new sculpted bonnet, the Audi A8 L body very gracefully mates with three very state-of-the-artsy engine trims.
  • Topping the line is a 4.2 litre V8 TFSI Quattro petrol engine with outputs of 414.38bhp and 600Nm.
  • Then there are two mighty and roaring diesel engines i.e. a 3.0 litre TDI Quattro diesel with power figures around 246bhp and 550Nm and another, more powerful 4.2 litre TDI Quattro which produces a road burning 345.98bhp and 800Nm figures.


  • On road, all the engines perform very flawlessly for our experts with a precise combination of efficiency and power in all of them making the 4.2 petrol as well as diesel to accelerate from 0-100 in just 5.6 sec flat, with reduced weight and low end grunts for more refined drives.
  • Still, the 3.0 litre TDI remains our expert’s favorite with Le Mans experience and 30% more economy blended with enhanced power figures, which make this car to accelerate from 0-100 in just 6.2 sec.
  • Apart from that, an 8-speed Tip-tronic AT system combined with Quattro and Advanced Audi Drive Select System makes this car’s driving experience par excellence.
  • Based on Audi Space Frame (ASF) system, the car not only weighs less to be efficient and fast, but handles like butter on any road and at any speed with an even advanced Air-Suspension package, made for ultra soft yet stable rides.
  • Apart from that, a Dynamic Steering system makes the whole experience even more elevated and upheaval which adjusts itself according to the speeds, terrains, conditions and mode of driving selected and which all were really impressive to our experts than any other German cars.

Space and Dimensions

  • New Audi A8 L is not just more sophisticated, but what separates it from its other and previous variants is its L size in total length of the car.
  • With an increase of 130 mm in its wheelbase, the A8 L stands smarter and longer with dimensions 5267 x 3122 x 1949 mm.
  • Also, with a total height of 1462 mm, the car now comes with easy access and exit facility with larger, more convenient rear doors.


  • Inside, our team was more than astonished to look at this royal German Sire with a blend of new and old world charm under the same double-panoramic sunroof.
  • And they were all excited to point out some of the main features of their choice as-
    1. A very fine wood trim option with a more classy and old-world charm filled front panel on dash, carved out of single log of wood.
    2. A very intuitive infotainment system with Pop-Up central touch LCD display, Heads Up Display (HUD) and calibrated push buttons placed everywhere in the car.
    3. A very iconic, yacht-clock sitting in the middle of the dash looks very classy.
    4. An Audi’s signature Jet-plane lever like gear knob.
    5. A fine beige under-dash background for soothing feel.
    6. 4-zone Deluxe Auto Climate Control System with individual controls for passengers.
    7. Ambient lightening all-around the cabin for a very warm feel.
    8. Optional BOSE or Bang and Olufson advanced 5.1 surround systems.
    9. MMI system for front and rear and infotainment system with voice gesture and touch commands for hassle free and fancy operations.
  • Apart from these, the cabin was felt more spacious for better leg and knee room for rear passengers by our experts, who accredit the longer wheelbase of the car for same.
  • And just when other Germans are offering First-Class rear, our experts were moved to notice the Rear Executive Package of this more modern car which comes loaded with-
    1. Two individual and electronically controlled/adjusted grand seats with more luxury feels, heating, cooling and massaging as some of the functions they perform along with a foot rests.
    2. The seats are further split by an advanced middle arm rest/command zone which not just holds your mugs while heating them, but also works more intuitively as a central command unit.
    3. The package also includes two individual LCD displays with individual controls and individual DVD players, two separate SDHC card readers and a dedicated Jukebox with 20GB storage.
  • All this and many more, collectively make this car a palace on wheels.


  • Bodily, the new A8 L not just feels more stretched, but its body very neatly infuses tougher and solid structure which can be felt in the design itself.
  • With new Matrix LED headlamp and tail-lamp cluster, the A8 not just feels more advanced in terms of road sense and visibility, but looks futuristic too.
  •  The car now looks more sportily packed with new sculpted bonnet, bumpers, one piece grille, and flatter lamps for front and rear.
  • While the rear flat LED tail-lamps are very sophisticatedly and nicely connected to each other with a rich looking chrome belt.
  • Apart from all this, car feels grander also.


  • Audi can never be defeated when it comes to make its car secure and safe for rides.
  • Not just in secondary safety, but they believe in making primary safety more balanced, and that’s why the Audi Space Frame (ASF) program, not only makes the car lighter, but more rigid, tough and well-packed at the very same time.
  • Apart from this, some of the safety features that our teammates were impressed to find in this ultra modern car were-
    1. 4-Wheel ABS system.
    2. Airbags for front and rear passenger’s side, head and front.
    3. Remote Anti-Theft system.
    4. 360 degree Park Assist.
    5. Emergency Brake Assist
    6. Engine Immobilizer
    7. 3-Pin and pretension front and rear seat belts.
    8. Traction and Stability control
    9. EBD+ Audi Post Collision Safety System.
    10. Passenger Restraint Whiplash Protection System.

Final Verdict

Based on our Expert’s Review, we believe this car is not just more luxurious and refurbished, but unlike other lazy Luxury wheels, it is more active and sportier at the same time when it is sharp as a gold-dipped yacht in opulence. We declare it to be at its best, a very fruitful and

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