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Absolute Edition of Linea and Punto launched by Fiat

Fiat New Linea@ 6.99 - 9.72 Lakhs, Fiat Grande Punto@ 5.03 - 7.60 Lakhs

After the launch of Renault Pulse’s Voyage edition, Fiat has come with the same too by launching the Absolute edition of two of its cars, Linea (sedan) and Punto (hatchback). In this new variant, an additional accessory pack has been equipped with no extra cost.

While the existing customers of particular cars could gain this benefit by just paying Rs. 25000, the new customers would not have to pay extra 25k for this new package in Absolute edition; they could avail the facility by paying the current market price of both the cars. The overall maximum benefit which a customer could gain is up to Rs. 60000 in Punto and Rs. 70000 in Linea, though.


Its price will be same, while the Linea comes with a price tag of 7.12-9.55 lakhs; the Punto has price range between 5.2-7.6 lakhs.

Engine details:

No reportedly changes have been done in the heart of these cars; the additional variant of both will carry the same engines as their ongoing variants.

For more details on these engine variants, please visit: http://carzoom.in/car/brands/fiat

Interior & Exterior:

As discussed above, an accessories pack worth Rs 25000 have been added in this new edition, this package under Absolute edition includes Absolute exterior brandingreverse parking sensorsbeige carpets (in Linea), boot chrome strip (in Linea), luxuriant floor mats (in Punto), perfectly shaped splash guardsbranded door beamGPS navigation (touch screen) along with function of 3G tablet & smart phone etc.

Road safety:

While both the models are already fitted with entire required safety features, buyers could also grab an exchange bonus as well as free road side assistanceoffer on both the cars.


It is clearly visible that companies want to increase its sales in this ongoing festive season, first Renault announces a premium package edition launch and now it’s Fiat. The reason behind this is also said to be the economic slowdown which has really given a negative effect on the sales.

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