Volkswagen Polo GT TDI – Expert Review

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI - Expert Review
Volkswagen Polo GT TDI - Expert Review

This year is truly the year of smaller hatchbacks. The Polo GT TDI is the latest one to join the club. The Polo GT TDI from VW has been getting good reviews from the user all across the country. The car is said to have one of the most powerful engine among the entry level compact cars. The car’s design is mostly based and inspired on the other VW polo Variants. Let’s see what our experts at Carzoom have to say about the Volkswagen Polo GT TDI.


The German car maker has come out with a car which we feel is one of the most powerful in the smaller car segments. The company has endowed the car with a lot of good features. The most exciting feature of the car is its engine. The car is powered by a beast of 1.6 litre-4 cylinder which outputs excellent power and torque. The car’s mileage is one of the best in the market with ARAI Test cycles of 19.78 kmpl . The car can be termed a perfect business non-sedan. Apart from the powerful engine the car also comes with some great features and good looking interior. The car packs in a decent dock which incorporates the steering wheel and the impressive audio system. The steering wheel has got a multi-functional control which looks trendy and brings in ease of use. The car has decent head and leg room for a small car. The safety features are substantial. The overall feel of the car is good and comfortable. The ride is best enjoyed through the driver’s perspective. Being a powerful car, one needs to drive it to get the feel of the power and intensity the engine offers. The car is priced at 8.08 *L making it easy on pocket. Over all, we feel the car has all the right ingredients to be one of the best cars in the small car segment.


There are no major cons and negatives in the car. But we feel from a maker like VW, the car cannot be less than anything but perfect. The car lacks enough leg space and the seats at the rear of the car feel cramped for the back seated passengers. The exterior of the car looks nothing new from any of the Polo variants. The front fog lamps are very ordinary and we feel the car manages to look good but nothing new. We expect the car maker to come out with new and refreshing designs. The car packs in most of the safety features available in smaller cars. The car being priced over 8L should have more to it than what is already available in the market. The car’s price is a bit of concern and is one factor which really worries us. The car comes with one of the most powerful engine but that is not the only factor the car can be bought for. So we feel the car maker has to do some aggressive price cut in the near future. Engine maintenance also adds to a bit of concern since the more powerful the engine is the more the car needs regular maintenance which adds up to the burden of the car buyer.


The car has arguably the best engine for a small car and the car body feels sturdy. Being priced a little more than most of the cars available in the market, merely having a powerful engine doesn’t justify it. If you are looking for a smaller car which has power to amaze you, then the VW POLO GT TDI is the perfect one.

The car has a powerful engine and it’s one of the few aspects of the car which has managed to impresses even the stringent of the critics.