Volkswagen Polo GT TDI – Critics Review

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI - Critics Review
Volkswagen Polo GT TDI - Critics Review

The Polo GT TDI, the newest Polo in the market has been getting impressive response from the users. The car released closely after the Polo Cross is priced little over 8L* making it one of the most high priced car in the small car segment. Though the car packs in the right mixture of specs and features, the car faces considerable flakes from the critics.


The major criticism the car faces is about its leg space. The critics feel that the car space is too cramped at the rear seats. The car could be a smaller car but it doesn’t mean that the luxury of the passengers can be compromised. The car maker has to work on the interior design a bit to make it better. We have many compact cars from Chevy like the Beat and Spark which feel more spacious in spite being falling under the compact car segments. At such a premium pricing, VW is ought to bring out a car which at the end of the day is equally enjoyable for the passengers as it is to the driver.


Like most of the other improvised hatchbacks this year, the car borrows a lot of features from other variants of Polo such as the Polo GT and the Polo cross which again doesn’t goes down well with the critics. The car expect from the engine doesn’t really have anything new to it. From a luxury and premium car maker like VW even a compact and entry level car is expected to be no less than perfect. The year has been a year of inspired designs and there have been only few newly designed cars in the market in the smaller car segment. We really wish this year of economy crunch gets over to see some new designs in the market.


The other aspect where our critics felt that the car lags behind keeping in mind the price that it comes with is the safety specs. Though the car comes with most of the common safety features such as the ABS and air bags. It doesn’t justify its price tag since most of the cars priced around 5-6L* have similar safety specs. In Future, we would like to see VW working more on it and coming out with cars with premium safety features which justify the price tag.

The car has got a very powerful and efficient engine. This ironically has been criticised since the powerful the engine is, the more it requires maintenance. The critics feel the car is little too powered and may burden the user a lot with the maintenance cost.

CARZOOM’s TAKE: – The car has been well received by the user community. We don’t see a reason why the car is not going to be one of the best sellers from VW under the compact car segment. The car maker has to work on the price of the car and more aggressive pricing of the car will find it placed among the top sellers of this year.

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