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Volkswagen issues a recall for 3877 units of Vento in India

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Volkswagen is having a really tough period since the burst out of dieselgate scam and facing the heat on the global arena including India. As a result of it, it lost the world number one carmaker tag to Toyota last year. More than 11 million vehicles were affected across the globe and alone in USA there are 6, 00,000 such models. Lately, there were reports of 3.2 million VW recall in India too.

Now Volkswagen has issued a recall of 3877units of Vento diesel in India showing the incoherent emission of Carbon monoxide (CO) beyond the desired level during the conformity of production (COP) tests carried out by ARAI. This also led Volkswagen to halt the sales of 1.5l Vento TDI MT mill till the issue gets resolved.

Other than the MT model of Vento diesel, all other cars having the same engine and 7-speed DSG gearbox equipped Vento conform to the desired norms and will continue to be available for sale. The company also added that the models on roads in India are absolutely safe and drive worthy.

The official statement by Volkswagen states “Volkswagen India is analyzing the issue and will propose technical measures to ARAI to solve this inconsistency at the earliest. Once approved and confirmed by the competent authorities, Volkswagen India will implement the measures and resume the production and sales of the relevant vehicle. The same technical measures will also be implemented in the impacted vehicles that are already with customers.”

It further adds “This problem impacts only the manual gearbox version of Vento with 1.5-litre diesel engine and is not connected to the global NOx emissions topic.”

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