Top 5 Showstopper Cars of the Frankfurt Motor Show


The 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show has hit the floor with the ground breaking collection of the latest manufactured cars. The show commenced with a bash as the show stoppers of the event has grabbed all the attentions. It began with a boom!

It happens to be the most impressive auto motor event as ever since it has lowered down the standards of other international motor shows with its outstanding charisma. Some of the manufactures have stole the eyes of the visitors on their stands with their mind bobbling illustrations and performance. Nevertheless, other manufacturers in the event are moving on a good stride.

With all these highlights Mercedes IAA and Porsche Mission E concepts not ready to set back as they utilize this platform to converse about their future designs and technology related endeavors. However, manufactures of Audi, BMW and Nissan has launched a string of new releases.

Some of the cars have seized the view of the visitors with their stunning looks and striking features. These cars belong to the top notch brands of the world and no wonder through their heart throbbing features and quality measures they distinguish themselves amongst others.

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley describes the Bentayga as “the fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.” It is fully loaded with latest 12-cylinder W12 engine which is present under its huge bonnet. From 0-60mph it can go on to 187mph within 4.0 seconds. Queen of England is first owner of new Bentley Bentayga.

Mercedes IAA Concept

The manufactures of Mercedes have kept the focus intended for the Concept IAA is on “world-beating aerodynamics.” The all new Mercedes IAA has the length of 5.04m. It has the power of 274bhp that pushes it to a 155mph speed. In its proficient mode CO2 emissions are untitled to be 28g/km along with a range of 20 mile.

Porsche Mission E Electric

The manufactures of Porsche have now come up with the new mission, Porsche Mission E. Porsche always hit the road with panache, being a sports car has muscled up with 592bhp, consisting of four-door and it is designed for four passengers, two in the front and two in the rear.

Renault Megane

The all new Megane captures the sights of the visitors with slight alterations from the previous model as now it 25mm which is lower than previously. It has become 47mm wider at the front and 39mm wider at the rear. However, the wheel base is 28mm longer, and this gives the car spacious view to front and rear respectively. The car has got sportier looks and designs.

Rolls Royce Dawn

The visitors have experienced a new dawn at Frankfurt Motor Show with the all new Rolls Royce Dawn. Rolls Royce is approaching the future automobile market with their lavish convertible SUV which is meant for four passengers.

On the whole the event is outstanding and all the manufactures have utilized this platform very wisely. High hand features and innovation driven technology used by the manufactures have made this show exclusive and amazing.