Skoda Rapid 2014 – User’s Reviews

Skoda Rapid
Skoda Rapid Exteriors Overall

Skoda the European giant has launched two back to back cars in the month of September 2014 first they came up with new Yeti and then with New Rapid. Skoda new Rapid this comes with an automatic transmission and black package which includes black alloy wheels, headlamps, ORVM’s etc but for that you have to pay some extra bucks. Belonging to VW family Skoda rapid shares same engines as Vento. We found some users who have to say something about the new Rapid.


  • Powerful and comfortable Sedan:

A user shared his great experience of new Rapid with us, He said, “I wanted to shift from my swift to a sedan so I test driven new Skoda Rapid TDi and immediately booked it because I liked its overall performance, mature ride and especially the response of DSG automatic transmission”.

  • Mind blowing Outer appearance:

As per one user who recently got the delivery of its new Skoda Rapid fitted with black package he was mesmerized with the looks of its red Rapid with black package.

  • Well built European Hunk:

Skoda cars are always known for its well built and robust quality, most of the users and people who test driven it were truly impressed with the tough structure of Rapid and safety features are adding an extra advantage to it.


  • Déjà vu interiors:

A user who have test driven the vehicle has said that the interiors give feel of Déjà vu (already seen) kind of a thing. He has Volkswagen Polo and new Rapid cabin gives some kind of resemblance of Polo and Vento interior. New Rapid interiors lack their own individual identity.

  • Better alternatives available:

According to some users who test driven the new Rapid feels Honda and Hyundai cars have better package to offer than rapid, first they have better looking cars, second, they are among most reliable brands and last they have feature rich cars.

  • Mileage issues:

One of the users who recently bought new Skoda rapid petrol version is now regretting his decision because he bought it for its overall package plus decent mileage. Skoda rapid gives 15 KPL mileage but he is getting only 10 KPL on highways and 8 KPL on city roads which automatically dents his pocket.

  • Scary after sales service:

Skoda produces good cars which are spoiled by their after sales service, same has happened with this user. He bought rapid and in the first month of his buy he found some heating issue in the engine so he took his new rapid to Skoda’s authorized dealer. Service man kept the car and told me to take it back after two days but even after a week he is still waiting his car to be rectified.