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New Fiat Grand Siena to replace Linea?

Fiat is considering a replacement for ageing Linea sedan but Italian car maker is confused with what it should be replaced with Aegea or any other vehicle. The two possible options are recently unveiled Aegea concept which was revealed at 2015 Istanbul motor show and Fiat Sienna which company sells in Brazilian market. Despite being a dud seller, Linea has been a dud seller since its advent in the country which might have forced company to take this decision.

The Fiat Aegea concept has been designed by a team of 2000 members in the span of three years but right now only left hand drive version of the car has been developed. If Fiat wants to launch it in India then it will have to invest huge for right hand drive as India is a sole market for RHD version cars.

Apart from India, United Kingdom is another hub for RHD version cars so this might make company hard to ignore this investment. When unveiled, Aegea looked the best looking car for Fiat stable as it flaunts premium styling with distinctive grille, sweptback headlamps and carving bonnet with deep creases.

The premium story continue inside as well as it features a 5 inch touch screen infotainment screen with Tom-tom navigation, message reader, bluetooth telephony and multi connectivity options along with reverse parking camera display. With 4.5m length and 2.6m of wheelbase Aegea might become the most spacious car in its segment.

Also, Aegea is expected to deliver around 25 Kmpl of efficient mileage which is excellent for the Indian market. The other option available for the car maker is Sienna which is a revised version of Linea made exclusively for the Brazilian market and again it is also LHD version. In both cases, Fiat has to make investment for RHD version.

Fiat is present in India even before Maruti but it failed to cater the needs of Indian mass. Rather than making Abarth version of current cars Fiat seriously need to take major steps to gain huge pie in Indian car market.

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