Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI and Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire VDI – Price, Specifications and Features

Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI and Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire VDI
Maruti Suzuki Swift VDI and Maruti Suzuki New Swift DZire VDI

If choice is between two same brand’s cars even with same mechanical powers but different body type, then having confusion to choose any one among them is obvious. Here we are talking about two variants of two different models of the most reliable brand of India Maruti Suzuki. These cars are Swift VDI and New Swift DZire VDI which carry the same brand’s badge, same engine powers, even same developed output etc but differ in body size and luxury type etc.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a hatchback while the new Swift DZire is a compact sedan. Let’s see how these both cars are different from each other even after having so much of similarities.


VDI is a variant which is available with diesel fuel in both the cars. While the hatchback VDI carries the price tag of 5.99 lakhs, the sedan shows it price range according to the much luxuriant body type than hatchback and thus costs at 6.67 lakhs.

Engine details:

Talking about their heart, both models’ variants share the same engine unit with equal power. This VDI trim of hatchback as well as sedan has 1248cc, 1.3 liter DDiS diesel engine mated with 5-speed manual transmission gearbox and developing the max power of 74bhp and peak torque of 190Nm.

Also, the ARAI certified mileage of both models’ variant is equal too which is 23.4km/l.

Space & Dimension:

The difference starts with this section. The Swift VDI is smaller than the Swift DZire VDI due to their body type. While sedan Swift DZire is 3995mm long, 1695mm wide and 1555mm tall, the hatchback Swift is 3850mm in length, 1695mm in width and 1530mm in height. This dimension is obvious coz sedan model is always longer than the hatchback but shorter in height wise.

Due to the longer size of sedan, it carries the larger luggage space than hatchback. That’s why; this sedan Swift DZire has 320 liters of boot space over the 204 liters of hatchback Swift. Other than this, both models share the equal ground clearance and wheelbase of 170mm and 2430mm, respectively.

Interior & Exterior:

At inside the cabin, both models’ variant carries the almost equal features but if we compare deeply then definitely Sedan model takes the cake away.

Other than the entire luxury features which are available in both of them, the sedan Swift DZire is also well embellished with few premium features like radio, CD as well as USB compatibility etc.

When comes to their outside glimpse, sedan model looks far better and attractive than the hatchback. Though, features availability is almost same even at outside too but being longer and less higher than Swift, Swift DZire definitely has more attracting power than this comparative car.

Safety and Road handling:

Safety wise, they have rear door child locks, front head restraint, rear seat head restraint, double horn, driver seat belt reminder, high mounted stop lamp, key-off reminder, door closure warning lamp as the safety features.

On the contrary, few features regarding safety are missing in both models’ VDI variant while present at their highline variants like driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, brake assist etc. These features are marking their presence in the top-most variants of both Swift as well as Swift DZire, means you have to pay some more to get them.

As both the cars share the same engine capacity, performance on road seems similar too. While Swift users think that it provides a well handling on road, the users of new Swift DZire gets comparatively more refined engine n smoother drivability too along with good handling.


Badge of a reliable and trustworthy brand, excellent mileage, more than satisfactory on-road performance are some of those positive points which mark their presence in these both cars. VDI variant of both the models are almost similar yet good. It could be appropriate to say that Maruti Suzuki has tried to serve the same dish in two different sizes of plates as per the customers choices…right???