Make in India: BMW cuts the prices of its locally assembled models

BMW Logo
BMW Logo

BMW India that recently raised the localization levels to 50 percent has now announced the price drop of all made in India cars. BMW Chennai facility which was started in 2007 produces around eight models like BMW 1 series, 3 series, 3 series, 3 Gran Turismo, 5 series, 7 series, X1, X3 and X5.

The price drop of all models range in between Rs. 1 lakh to 6 lakh, however the prices of CKD models like 1-series, 7 series and X1 as wells cars imported from CBU route such as Z4, I8, 6-series and M badge cars remains unchanged.

The foremost reason behind car maker’s extensive localization level is that the BMW now started equipping auto components such as transmission, engine, axles, door panels, wiring harness, heating, air conditioning, ventilating and even seats from the local suppliers. The high local content not only brings down the manufacturing cost but also benefits the customers in the form of low priced cars.

Here is the list of updated prices of BMW locally assembled models- (in-lakh) INR)

BMW 1-series

  • BMW 118d (Sport Line) – Rs. 29,50,000

 BMW 3-series

  • BMW 320d (Prestige Edition) – Rs. 34,90,000
  • BMW 320d (Luxury Line Edition) – Rs. 38,90,000
  • BMW 320d (Sport Line Edition) – Rs.38,90,000

 BMW Gran Turismo

  • BMW Gran Turismo (Sport Line) – Rs, 39,90,000
  • BMW Gran Turismo (Luxury Line) – Rs. 42,90,000

 BMW 5-series

  • BMW 520d (Prestige Edition) – Rs. 44,90,000
  • BMW 520d (Prestige Plus Edition) – Rs. 47,90,000
  • BMW 520d (Luxury Line Edition) – Rs. 49,90,000
  • BMW 530d (M Sport) – Rs. 59,90,000

 BMW 7-series

  • BMW 730Ld (Prestige) – Rs. 92,50,000
  • BMW 730Ld (Eminence) – Rs. 10,650,000
  • BMW 730Ld (Signature) – Rs. 12,520,000


  • BMW X1 sDrive20d (x-Line) – Rs. 37,90,000


  • BMW X3 xDrive20d (Expedition) – Rs. 46,90,000
  • BMW X3 xDrive20d (x-Line) – Rs. 51,90,000
  • BMW X3 xDrive30d (M Sport) – Rs 5,990,000


  • BMW X5 xDrive30d (Expedition) – Rs. 65,90,000
  • BMW X5 xDrive30d (Design Pure Experience) – Rs. 69,90,000
  • BMW X5 xDrive30d (Design Pure Experience 7 Seater) – Rs. 72,90,000