Honda Amaze – User’s Asked Questions

Honda Amaze FAQ
Honda Amaze FAQ

1. Current status of Honda Amaze is?

This is an ongoing car but Honda India also has launched the first Anniversary Edition of Amaze recently and named it “Honda Amaze Anniversary Edition”.

2. On which date, Honda Amaze was launched in India?

Honda launched the Amaze in India on April 11, 2013. Further, the First Anniversary Edition of Amaze was launched on April 15, 2014.

3. What are Honda Amaze’s engine details?

In Diesel Trim

Engine Type: 1.5L i-DTEC 4 Cylinders, DOHC Diesel Engine
Engine Displacement: 1498 cc
Max. Power: 98.63bhp @ 3600rpm
Max. Torque: 200Nm @ 1750rpm
Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual

In Petrol Trim

Engine Type: 1.2L i-VTEC, 4 Cylinders, SOHC Petrol Engine
Engine Displacement: 1198 cc
Max. Power: 86.79bhp @ 6000rpm
Max. Torque: 109Nm @ 4500rpm
Transmission Type: 5 Speed Manual/Automatic

4. Honda Amaze is available only in petrol or in diesel as well?

This sedan is available with two fuels units, diesel and petrol.

5. What price range does Honda Amaze carry?

Honda Amaze Pricing (ex-showroom Delhi):

Petrol Variants: Price (INR)
Amaze 1.2 E MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 499,900
Amaze 1.2 EX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 530,000
Amaze 1.2 S MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 569,000
Amaze 1.2 SX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 604,000
Amaze 1.2 VX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 664,000
Amaze 1.2 S AT (i-VTEC) Rs. 670,000
Amaze 1.2 VX AT (i-VTEC) Rs. 755,000

Honda Amaze Pricing (ex-showroom Delhi):

Diesel Variants: Price (INR)
Amaze 1.5 E MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 597,500
Amaze 1.5 EX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 624,500
Amaze 1.5 S MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 665,000
Amaze 1.5 SX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 690,000
Amaze 1.5 VX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 749,500

6. Please inform about the on-road price of Honda Amaze.

Honda Amaze Pricing (On-Road Delhi):

Petrol Variants: Price (INR)
Amaze 1.2 E MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 559,630
Amaze 1.2 EX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 591,678
Amaze 1.2 S MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 633,281
Amaze 1.2 SX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 690,402
Amaze 1.2 VX MT (i-VTEC) Rs. 754,602
Amaze 1.2 S AT (i-VTEC) Rs. 761,105
Amaze 1.2 VX AT (i-VTEC) Rs. 854,394

Honda Amaze Pricing (On-Road Delhi):

Diesel Variants: Price (INR)
Amaze 1.5 E MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 670,212
Amaze 1.5 EX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 722,719
Amaze 1.5 S MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 767,870
Amaze 1.5 SX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 795,740
Amaze 1.5 VX MT (i-DTEC) Rs. 862,073

7. What is the body type of Honda Amaze?

The body type of this car is compact sedan.

8. How many color options Honda Amaze get?

The Honda Amaze sedan is available in Six different colours in India including Majestic Blue Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic, Carnelian Red Pearl, Taffeta White, Crystal Black Pearl and Alabaster Silver Metallic.The Honda Amaze E MT is available in Taffeta White, Alabaster Silver and Crystal Black

The Honda Amaze EX MT is available in Alabaster Silver, Crystal Black and Majestic Blue

9. What about Honda Amaze’s transmission; just gets a manual or an auto gearbox is available too?

Yes, Honda Amaze is available in manual as well as Automation transmission. While its petrol trim is mated to both 5-speed manual as well as 5-speed auto gearbox, diesel trim gets only a 5-speed manual.

10. What is the pick-up of Honda Amaze with available torque?

The pickup of the diesel vehicle is also promising at 12.5 seconds time to reach 100kmph. The petrol engine of the Amaze offers the pick up at 13.3 seconds to cruise from 0-100kmph.

11. What is the top speed and acceleration of Honda Amaze?

The i-DTEC diesel engine is capable of allowing the vehicle to ride at a top speed of 175kmph. The pickup of the vehicle is also promising at 12.5 seconds time to reach 100kmph mark from standstill. The 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine of the Amaze offers a top speed of 165kmph and the pickup of the vehicle is equally competitive, and takes merely 13.3 seconds to cruise from 0-100kmph.

12. What is the boot size of Honda Amaze is?

Honda Amaze has 400 liters of boot size in both petrol and diesel variants.

13. What is Honda Amaze’s tyres size?

Honda Amaze has been bestowed with alloy wheels on the side, which fitted under nicely shaped wheel arches. The tyres size of Amaze is 175/65 R14, which again provides better grip of the roads, and also assist some off-road rides.

14. Ground clearance of Honda Amaze?

Honda Amaze has 165 mm of ground clearance.

15. Which suspension system Honda Amaze is coupled with?

Honda Amaze has been equipped with a McPherson Strut suspension system in Front wheels while the rear wheels of this compact sedan has got Torsion Beam Axle for stable road handling, This will help the car to deal with bumpy roads and comfortable ride.

16. Cruise control is available or not?

No, Cruise control is not available in Honda Amaze.

17. Honda Amaze’s mileage figures on the grounds of ARAI-certified, highway and city roads?

The mileage of your car depends on multiple factors like road condition, driving style, maintenance of the car. We usually get better mileage on highways as compared to cities. Honda Amaze mileage is decent in road conditions, cities and highways.

Engine type ARAI/Highway kmpl City kmpl
Honda Amaze Millage (Diesel) 25.8 21.0
Honda Amaze MT Millage (Petrol) 18.0 15.0
Honda Amaze AT Millage (Petrol) 15.5 13.3

18. Is Honda Amaze a five-seater or seven-seater?

Yes, Honda Amaze has a five-seater sedan.

19. Can I get the brief listing of common & unique interior features of Honda Amaze?

Honda provides Amaze’s interior in a dual toned design with black and beige color which is nice but combination doesn’t look much attractive. The front dashboard seems driver’s friendly and having audio system & air conditioning system in its middle. The speaker’s position, seating arrangement for five passengers etc are being done in such a way that it’s giving a much comfort feel to its customers.

Honda has done a fabulous job to provide an enough thigh support to allow passengers to have a comfortable ride along with its adjustable steering wheel. Inside cabin is really spacious with enough headroom and making the car one of best in same segment.

20. Inform about the general safety features available in Honda Amaze.

Honda Amaze has plenty no. of safety features which make it one of the safest models in same segment. These devices include SRS airbags (for driver and passenger), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electrical Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) responsible to control the sedan at high speeds and prevent rollovers. It also gets halogen headlamps and fog lamps for the enhanced visibility in night and in different circumstances.

21. Which are the other alternatives of Honda Amaze in car market?

In car market, Amaze competes with the segment leader Maruti Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios, Hyundai Xcent and the Tata Manza.

22. What is Honda Amaze’s estimated maintenance/ repair cost?

Honda Amaze Diesel Cars Maintenance Cost

Service KM Months Free/Paid Price In Rs.
1 1000 3 Free 0
2 5000 3 Free 0
3 10000 6 Free 2,258 (Engine Oil & Oil Filter)
4 20000 12 Paid 4,908
5 30000 18 Paid 3,258
6 40000 24 Paid 7,308
7 50000 30 Paid 3,258
8 60000 36 Paid 7,258
9 70000 42 Paid 3,258
10 80000 48 Paid 7,308
                                                 4 years                                                    Rs. 38,811


Honda Amaze Petrol Cars Maintenance Cost
Service KM Months Free/Paid Price In Rs.
1 1000 3 Free 0
2 5000 3 Free 0
3 10000 6 Free 3,048 (Engine Oil & Oil Filter)
4 20000 12 Paid 4,548
5 30000 18 Paid 4,048
6 40000 24 Paid 7,668
7 50000 30 Paid 4,048
8 60000 36 Paid 6,248
9 70000 42 Paid 4,048
10 80000 48 Paid 7,668
                                                4 years                                                     Rs. 41,324

23. Any special finance scheme available for Honda Amaze?

No, currently company is not offering any finance scheme for this car.

24. What is the USP of Honda Amaze in comparison to other same segment models?

When it comes to Honda’s and Maruti’s model, fight becomes tough as both the companies are known for its reliability and excellent after sale services. Both Honda Amaze and Maruti Swift Dzire carries almost equal price range with some ups and downs. Still Amaze takes the cake away from Dzire by having comparatively powerful diesel engine, 5-speed auto transmission in its petrol mill while Dzire petrol gets 4-speed auto and comparatively better material quality in its interior.

Honda Amaze carries comparatively muscular engine with better fuel efficiency, refined eye-catching glimpse, more safety features than Hyundai’s sedan Xcent. Also Honda offers better after sale service to its customers than Hyundai.