Coming soon: Tata H7X 7 seater luxury car spied in India

Tata H7X 7
Tata’s  7 seat luxury SUV, H7X  which is a cheaper alternative for Toyota Fortuner was spotted under heavy camouflage at Ooty, Tamilnadu. The vehicles are tested in Ooty due to gradiblity as the ghat sections that go up to the hill station is quite steep and demanding.
Tata H7X 7
The pictures show that the H7X features a different profile from H5X. The vehicle is longer than the H5X and will be modified to reduce the costs and make it affordable for the Indian market. The H7X will use Tata motor’s Impact 2.0 design philosophy.
Looking onto the mechanical part, the 2-liter Fiat Multijet turbocharged diesel engine is likely to power the H7X in a higher state of tune than  H5X . This means that the Jeep Compass’ 170 Bhp-350 Nm engine could be offered in the new 7-seat SUV. It is expected that the 6-speed manual and 9-speed automatic gearboxes will also be offered. Both front and all-wheel drive layouts are also expected due to the SUV’s Land Rover connection.
The Tata H7X will launch in India sometime in 2020. As a Hyundai Creta-Jeep Compass competitor, Tata will launch the H5X first, in early 2019.So we can expect that there is enough space for the automaker to slip in the H7X at a sub-20 lakh rupee price tag. Within this price range, H7X can stand against the much expensive  Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.