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2017 Nissan Terrano: User’s Asked Questions

Nissan Terrano@ 9.52 - 12.30 Lakhs
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1 When did Nissan Terrano launch?

Nissan Terrano was launched in India on October 09, 2013 and now the facelift version of the SUV introduced on 27th March 2017 with 22 new features.

2. In which category Nissan Terrano falls?

The car falls under the SUV category.

3. The available color options for Nissan Terrano are?

The Nissan Terrano is available in six graceful colors in India including Pearl White, Fire Red, Bronze Grey and Sapphire Black. Besides, Nissan has added a new color Sandstone brown which will be available across all the variants.

4. How many types of fuel units are available in Nissan Terrano?

This SUV is available with two fuels units- diesel and petrol.

5. Is there an automatic transmission in Nissan Terrano?

Yes, Terrano is now available a 6-speed advanced auto drive aka six speed Easy R-AMT of Renault Duster.

6. What are the specifications of engine equipped in Nissan Terrano?

In Diesel Trim
Engine Type:1.5L 4 Cylinders, dCI Diesel Engine
Engine Displacement:1461 cc
Max. Power:83.84bhp @ 3750rpm
Max. Torque:200Nm @ 1900rpm
Transmission Type:5 Speed Manual
In Diesel Trim
Engine Type:1.5L 4 Cylinders, dCI Diesel Engine
Engine Displacement:1461 cc
Max. Power:108.49bhp @ 3900rpm
Max. Torque:248Nm @ 2550rpm
Transmission Type:6 Speed Manual or 6-speed Easy-R AMT
In Petrol Trim
Engine Type:1.6L 4 Cylinders, MPFi Petrol Engine
Engine Displacement:1598 cc
Max. Power:102.58bhp @ 5850rpm
Max. Torque:145Nm @ 3750rpm
Transmission Type:5 Speed Manual

7. The exact price tags of Nissan Terrano’s all variants are?

Nissan Terrano Pricing (ex-showroom Delhi):
Petrol Variants:Price (INR)
Nissan Terrano XL PRs. 9,99,000


Diesel Variants:Price (INR)
Nissan Terrano XE DRs. 9,99,000
Nissan Terrano XL (O)Rs. 11,92,000
Nissan Terrano XV D premiumRs. 13,60,000
Nissan Terrano XV D Premium AMTRs. 14,20,000

8. What is the on-road price of Nissan Terrano?

Nissan Terrano Pricing (On-Road Delhi):
Petrol Variants:Price (INR)
Nissan Terrano XL PRs. 11,17,480


Diesel Variants:Price (INR)
Nissan Terrano XE DRs. 11,28,760
Nissan Terrano XL (O)Rs. 14,02,160
Nissan Terrano XV D premiumRs. 15,98,840
Nissan Terrano XV D Premium AMTRs. 16,69,000

9. Please tell the mileage figure of Nissan Terrano – ARAI-certified, highway and city-road?

The mileage of car depends on multiple factors such as road condition, driving style, maintenance of the car. Nissan Terrano mileage is decent in road conditions, cities and highways.

Engine typeARAI/Highway KmplCity Kmpl
Nissan Terrano 85PS (Diesel)20.4517.12
Nissan Terrano 110PS(Diesel)19.016.0
Nissan Terrano Millage (Petrol)13.2410.14
Nissan Terrano XL 110PS(Diesel) AMT19.6116.9

10. Can I get the width of tyres fixed in Nissan Terrano?

The wheels & tyres of this car are simply massive. Nissan Terrano has 215/65 R16 tyres just like Renault did for the Duster. This size offers superior grip and improves the Terrano’s stance.

11. How much long ground clearance Nissan Terrano carries?

It carries 205 mm of ground clearance which is one of best in its segment.

12. What type of suspension system fixed in Nissan Terrano?

Suspension Front: Independent McPherson Strut with Coil Springs and Anti-Roll Bar
Suspension Rear: Torsion Beam Axle with Coil Springs and Anti-Roll Bar

Its well balanced suspension is good to provide wonderful comfort at highway speeds and even on city roads. It prevents from the mild bumps while the monocoque chassis keeps the body movement under control inside the cabin. Though, the suspension setup equipped in this car feels a bit rigid but that rigidness makes driver feel confident on the corners of roads and at high speeds.

13. What is the pick-up of Nissan Terrano with available torque?

Nissan Terrano offers a good drivability. This trendy car takes no time to come in action on road with the powerful diesel and petrol engines. The ride quality on Terrano is solid, planted and can easily absorb road and shocks.

14. Acceleration and top speed of Nissan Terrano?

The Nissan Terrano can achieve 0-100 km/h in 13.5 seconds with the top speed of 155km/h in diesel model while petrol model hits a ton 12 seconds with the top speed of 160km/hr.

15. Is cruise control available in Nissan Terrano?

Yes, cruise control is available in Nissan Terrano.

16. Which general safety features Nissan Terrano has?

As far as its safety is concerned, The top end variants of the SUV is equipped with several advanced safety features including dual airbags for driver and its co-passenger, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution), remote central locking, Traction Control, child safety lock, engine immobilizer, Fog Lights and many more. Front fog lamps, a rear defogger along with a wash and wipe function incorporated in the rear wind screen, which help in giving better visibility in rainy conditions. Other safety features are highly advanced like hill assist control, electronic stability control, anti lock braking system along with an emergency brake assist and electronic brake force distribution mechanism module.

17. Seating capacity of Nissan Terrano is?

It offers the seating capacity for 5 passengers.

18. What is the boot capacity of Nissan Terrano?

The boot capacity of Nissan Terrano is 475 which can be extended up to 1064 liters by folding down the second row seats.

19. What common & unique interior features Nissan Terrano get?

Nissan gets new dual color beige & brown scheme with quality material for decorating the interior cabin. The seats in top end variants have superior leather upholstery while on the front dashboard there is flip to open storage box at the top. New Terrano gets a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation and Smartphone integration, a new 3-spoke unit with integrated control buttons, one touch lane indicator, cruise control and anti-pinch driver side window.

The rectangular AC vents, neat and clean piano black finishing at the central console, radiant instrument cluster, leather covered steering wheel, chrome addition on gear knob and front and rear armrest, several small storage sections for stuffing essentials like pocket behind front seats, map pockets, cup and beverages holders around the doors and in between front seats are available in this trendy car.

20. In Indian car market, which are the main competitors of Nissan Terrano?

In car market, Nissan Terrano competes with the Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta and Honda BR-V.

21. In which terms, Nissan Terrano is better than other same segment models?

The Nissan Terrano is better than Ford EcoSport by having comparatively larger boot, better visibility from driver seat, better steering wheel assisted by hydraulic power, better driving dynamics etc.
Contrary, Terrano and Duster are like siblings and hence carry almost same features and equipments.

22. How much costly is the maintenance of Nissan Terrano?

Nissan Terrano  Diesel Cars Maintenance Cost
ServiceKMMonthsFree/PaidPrice In Rs.
9 years                                    Rs. 47,586
Nissan Terrano Petrol Cars Maintenance Cost
ServiceKMMonthsFree/PaidPrice In Rs.
                                            9 years                                    Rs. 38,750
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