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Home News and StoriesVolkswagen has revealed 2.0L 272HP Diesel engine and 10 Speed DSG BOX

Volkswagen has revealed 2.0L 272HP Diesel engine and 10 Speed DSG BOX

Volkswagen brilliant minds has stepped forward in engine developing science, so if you are thinking Volkswagen was pleased with Passat fitted 2.0L 236Hp engine than you are wrong because German Giant is planning something bigger than that. Volkswagen has contributed in the automotive industry in an immense way by introducing dual clutch transmissions and W shaped engine blocks.

In a technical presentation at its Wolfsburg headquarters in Germany Volkswagen has showcased the advanced version of 2.0L TDI four cylinder Diesel engine which churns out 272HP named as ‘Electric booster’. It is based on 236HP engine which we have seen in New Passat.

Volkswagen has also unveiled the 10 speed DSG automatic gearbox codenamed as DQ551 and Volkswagen claims that it will reduce CO2 emission and help in improving the fuel efficiency as well. This powerful engine will be the part of future Audis and VWs, the German giant has released any information about the torque figure of new engine but it is expected that it might be over 500Nm mark which is available in Passat.

According to Volkswagen, 10 speed DSG gearbox can certainly handle close to 550Nm torque , apart from that this engine comes with coasting function, intelligent fuel saving and brake energy generation. Volkswagen has also said that the engine is capable of ticking 240 km/hr with the fuel efficiency of 19 km/l. The start/stop function has been updated as well, the new system will automatically shuts down the engine whenever speed comes below 7km/hr, though the engine will restart automatically with ease.

In the official press release Volkswagen has said, “New high-tech engines such as the 240-PS bi-turbo diesel (176KW) of the recently revealed Passat also make saving a pleasure. With a power density of 120 PS per litre displacement, it is the most powerful of any four cylinders TDI that has been put into introduction.”

 VW further added “Today, the hunt for every gram of CO2, every drop of fuel, every kilowatt of power that can be saved is one of the key challenges faced by the automotive industry.”

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