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User’s review of Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10@ 3.81 - 5.54 Lakhs
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An owner of 1.2 magna i10 from west Bengal, used it for 6 months before writing the review, she feels the mileage is low and drop of power (when a/c is on) while overtaking. Another user of the same model for 2 yrs also has problem with mileage, he gets 14-15 kmpl in city and 17 kmpl on highway without a/c on. Earlier he got only 12 kmpl but things got better after 3rd service. But another user using the same model is quite satisfied with the car’s v pick up and handling, he also liked the looks of the car. He is eagerly waiting for i30 to be launched in India. Well that is an interesting contradiction. Yet another user picks up the same point on mileage and he thinks his previously owned Maruti had better fuel efficiency sense but he definitely likes the smooth steering and sexy exteriors.

A user who has Toyata Innova, Swift, Chevrolet Cruze and CRDi accent thinks the i10 car is useless with poor mileage, in a country where petrol prices are rising day by day. A user from Kolkata states that his power steering broke after 8 months of usage and had to wait for 3 weeks when it got finally fixed but then a new problem arose in the form of distorted alignment of steering. Also the cost of the car is high in comparison to the rival Chevrolet beat and adding to the pain is the Rs. 2-3k servicing cost on the so-called ‘free service’. Bingo!! Same happened with another owner but at a different place (thissur, kerala) was told the charge of patch paint ‘Rs. 5500’ whereas at a local mechanic it is hardly Rs. 100/-, he felt the service at toyata, maruti and ford were much better.

Finally found a happy customer! He is felt in love with the car when he bought it and the love is still live! According to him performance and fuel efficiency are more than expected (now that can happen in case of true love :p). Many have also appreciated the smooth ride quality. A user who drove 14000km of the new Era i10 observed the important safety features in the car and found them very useful. He also loved the performance and comfortable seating in the cabin.

A resident of gurgaon who has been using i10 for 4 yrs has some good and some bad experience to share. Among the pros are the good pick-up of i10 AT, super smooth drive like a mid-size sedan and satisfactory acceleration while overtaking. Coming to the cons were poor petrol fuel efficiency of 11kmpl without a/c, horn didn’t work when pressed continuously and had to replace it every year, wind screen wipers had to be changed every 6 months and the braking power got reduced in times of heavy traffic which was a disappointment to him.

Overall the car has great looks and safety features but Hyundai definitely needs to improve mileage.

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