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Tips To Buy Your 1st Car

1) Choose the car’s category. Just think how many passengers you need to carry at daily basis? And after that go for one among the different categories like Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUVs, MPVs etc.

2) Establish your budget and decide how much money can you spend?? Budget is the most important step which you have to plan at the very starting.

3) Performance: a most important side to think. How would you like to drive a car?? For example, do you want a sporty car which can run at higher speed and offer an impressive mileage or you want a car which can just drop you at your office/college etc on time?? Think and decide.

4) Find your nearest as well as trustable dealer and take a test drive of your selected car. It is obvious that before buying any vehicle, first you would want to drive it by your own to experience the car’s performance, comfort level etc. and then decide.

5) Do a proper research on the car’s brand value and its after-sale services. It happens with many buyers, first they buy car happily but when it comes to do service of car after some time then many companies fail to satisfy their customers here.

6) Think & prioritize your feature needs in your car. Its not that product which you can change after every few months, so just make a list what safety and comfort features you need that will satisfy you after sitting in your first car.

7) Discuss to your friends/colleagues/relatives that are using the same car. This is the best step to do a safe & accurate research, talk directly to the particular person who has same car. Discuss about her/his experience after using it; point out the pros as well as cons of that particular car.

Also You should visit http://www.carzoom.in and check out on User’s Reviews, Expert Opinion, Critics Words and compare your top choices in between.

8) A proper paper work is must at the time of purchasing any vehicle. Make sure that you are dealing with a trustable and certified dealer. Ask the dealer to explain everything from the warranty to the title and don’t hesitate to ask questions from them.

9) Go for registration of your car after buying, visit the transportation office and register there to receive the unique number for your car.

10) Not just enjoying but maintaining the car properly is your responsibility too. Go through the booklet came along with the car and follow different steps of taking good care.

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