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Tata Movus – User Reviews

Tata Movus@ 6.99 - 7.30 Lakhs
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So, it is clear that Tata had a plan to surprise us by launching its less dramatic and less sculpted Movus UV in the market. The car seems logical though with its claimed longevity and low cost running manners, with fewer hassles about the new tech gimmicky and more value for money. Apart from that, based on Tata’s very Basic and old strategy of creating two like vehicles with different names in the same segment, if at all Movus does better in sales figure than the Sumo Grande, then we may see no more of Sumo Grande name on these same bulky MUVs, with a fresh badge of Movus on them and new body decals. So, in order to get proper response of Tata’s this old but freshly named trick, we tried talking and gathering inputs from people amongst you about new Tata Movus for our User Reviews section to see how this vehicle does in the market.

This car is still new and not even a week old, so gathering much of customer’s response was tricky. Still, we managed to get some responses just for you.

User's Asked Question


1. Tough and heavy duty engine

This car very dutifully features a capable, time tested, effective and reliable engine with enough power and low end grunts to pull off this huge wagon like UV even when loaded with passengers and luggage on board without any stress or strain. This engine had really impressed people with its hardworking skills.

2. Low cost, longer runs

One of the best things about this vehicle that people liked is what even the company endorses this vehicle on, that is its overall low running cost with easy, hassle free and long term maintenance, high mileage efficiency and a very effective engine running warranty for 3 good years.

3. Tougher built, efficiency and modern components

To add more value to the vehicle and add more likeability for it amongst its customers, company had aided more of tough elements in this vehicle. We talked to a guy who wanted a car for commercial purposes, and while talking to us he commented about this UV that with new and modern components like a new longer life timing belt, fuel filter elements, turbocharger etc. put in an ultra tough and low weight body of this vehicle makes a very phenomenal combination for a capable yet efficient vehicle and that what Movus does with ease.

4. Comfortable and spacious interiors

Apart from being tough outside, this vehicle is all equipped to make rides more on softer sides with most of the people we noticed were on a positive note appreciating the interior comforts of this vehicle. Even the HVAC system gets people’s appreciation for this vehicle along with ultra soft ride they noticed while its test rides.

5. Niche handler and stress-free rider

This vehicle is made for the commercial market it seems like, with more and more cabbies appreciating this vehicle, be it for its space count or for its easy handling abilities and stress-free rides throughout, even in cities or be it on long highway cruises.


1. Safety inputs

This vehicle is good, for its valuable built, costs and efficient yet comfortable rides offered. But along with that, being an entry level UV makes this vehicle left-over with a lot of loopholes and areas where Tata could have worked. And counting out such a lag, we think this car is really very frivolous on safety measures not taken seriously into it. Even the people with commercial needs could find out that moving people commercially needs some sort of safety precautions which this vehicle fails to deliver or cater.

2. Interior looks way too dated

Even if this vehicle is made to last in total affordability, but that could have been done with a bit of styling too. With interiors looking way too tough, this vehicle disappoints many with old-school styling and hence, people seeking it for personal usage were seemed resisting this vehicle big time.

3. Looks of the car

Another thing, which people were seemed disappointed to point out clearly were the looks of the car. Even with a new name and tattoo job, this car will confuse you if it is Movus or Sumo Grande, when seen on road.

The bulky and flabby looks could have been altered too.

Final Verdict

On a concluding remark for our User Reviews section, we believe this vehicle is made to last by Tata motors in this hard-humped world. Lacks on many safety and showoff elements, but leaving them apart, this vehicle works just fine for a big budget family or if you are into people moving business. Sales count will be interesting for this vehicle to perform on though.

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