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Tata Movus – Critic Reviews

Tata Movus@ 6.99 - 7.30 Lakhs
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We had been waiting keenly for the Tata Motors to launch its much awaited and much talked about Compact Sedan, the Upcoming Tata Zest. Well, monsoon is about to come, but there’s still no updates on Zest as of now. But no worries, Tata has surprised many by making a sudden and unexpected launch of its upgraded MUV, the Tata Movus. Focused mainly on the budget family and commercial vehicle segment, this vehicle is built taking typical Indian need for a durable vehicle in mind and hence, what we get here as Movus is a totally different product, which is built to last, in style or not, doesn’t really matter with it here. So today, as a part of our overall coverage of the Tata Movus, we bring you yet another session on it, this time through our critics, who are here to measure this car in every possible manner and through their Intel, we’ll lead you to a frequent list of things that are going to be liked in this vehicles and some things which won’t. Let’s move further then…

User's Asked Question


  • To begin with, the best thing we found about this car is its durability. This car is made to perform and perform for a very longer run without hassles.
  •  This car comes with a 3 year’s class leading warranty for the engine that makes it even more valuable.
  • This car is big on space for 7, 8 or 9 passengers as you choose from with still a lot of space for luggage, storage with a roof carrier as an option.
  • Pricing of the vehicle seems right and well in accordance with what it offers.
  • Better set of spares are used for maintenance free and longer life of the vehicle.
  • Best in class suspensions for ultra comfortable rides on rough Indian terrains every time.
  • Decent, time tested and reliable engine with enough power and torque to compliment the car’s low kerb weight for better drivability and efficiency counts.
  • Hydraulic Rack-Pinion steering wheel and ultra soft clutch for easy and efficient operation of the vehicle always.
  • Good mileage figures.
  • Low running, maintenance and service costs make this vehicle even more efficient.
  • The car is said to have best in class acceleration and mileage counts.


  • Still carries the same bulky looking design with flaps like the regular Sumo Grande.
  • Considerably low standards of interiors and less on modern creature comforts. Though the interiors are tough and are going to last some decades.
  • HVAC system feels dated; CX version doesn’t even have an AC.
  • Very poor on secondary safety system and equipment hold for emergency conditions
  • Won’t be accepted much with families, will ultimately end up still being a decent commercial people carrier.
  • Even the other people runners in the market come loaded with much better features.
  • Overall feel of the car is dated.
  • The overall experience, quality and technological hindrance in and out of the car could have been better at this pricing.
  • Not going to be a status symbolic figure for if you are from urban parts of the country, but will work decent for you if you belong to a rural background.

Final Verdict

This new MUV from Tata is decent, tough on built, reliable and long lasting for what Tata endorses it. It’s going to be a good people carrier rather than being a big family car with less safety elements and styling issues and also because of Sumo’s commercial image. This vehicle is tough, but not for us.

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