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Ssangyong Rexton- Expert Review

Ssangyong Rexton@ 18.87 - 21.10 Lakhs
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So, founded in 1954 and famous all around the world for its technological partnership with the German giants, Ssangyong, relaunches its premium SUV product, revised and refurbished for the third time till its existence, back in 2001.
This premium SUV, soft roader has been a talk of the town since a while and is selling like hot cakes, so it gave an alarming interest to our experts to gear up and head towards this fabulous vehicle on the road. Let’s find out what they have to say about it.

All the thumbs up for aesthetics of this car! These were the words murmured by our experts when they first got to witness this new, huge yet aggressive car with its amazing and sensual appeal to the eye and those fine lines, which we hate on a woman but cars are a different matter though. And without any detailed repetition of the car’s design, the work done on this car by Mr Giorgetto Giugiaro is simply commendable.
Entering the car, our seniors fell totally for this Korean beauty with the interiors and features, boosting at their peak-best. Those leather trimmings, beige and black curves, that big screen-console, leather on wheel and gear knob were just a few fine specimens of the huge instrumentation and in-cabin-gizmo list. And that panoramic sun-roof were all perfect and gave more-than-enoughish feel to this car at such jaw dropping rates.
Talking about the ride and handling section then it surely hit the taste palette of our test drivers with its best in class ride quality and handling, all thanks to that speed sensitive power steering which acts according to the car’s pace and mood, light in traffic and totally in control during high-speed runs.
The engine works fine and is capable enough to cater this car with the desired performance, after all, its a soft-roader and made for those smooth and calm drives. And caters a decent city and highway mileage that won’t make holes in your pocket out of thirst.
Just when this car was about to get a hit from our experts, the CONS villain strived as always. let’s see what trouble it brings with itself this time!

So, the car looks rich, handles smoother than a smoothie, provides total value for the money and is an all round handsome package. Is it? Really? Then what about the engine, a good 2.7 litre turbocharged, is that all?
No, because handsome is not enough for a car like this, and being rational and not emotional, our experts found out that there’s something a bit nitty around in this car, and that too with its heart.

Well the engine provides a smooth ride, no doubt, but talking about its performance, this engine feels a bit too underpowered to deal with tha car’a overall profile.

While accelerating, this car feels lazy till a run to 100 kmph but picks up well after that and gives odd noise during that. 
The auto transmission feels outdated and minimal, alters the overall experience of the car to something subdued. Where the 5-speed manual works better than that, surprisingly! Wow!

Overall, with not too many flaws, this car is really a value for money and the value can be more “eyeconic” if, in future, we see this vehicle with an engine suited more to its personality an not like this old and coughing one, paired well with a more suitable and appropriate auto gearbox.

Packed with equipments, at a mouthwatering price. A big soft-roader that won’t eat into your wallet. A Mercedes Benz M-class on diet.

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