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Skoda to re-launch Fabia and a New 7-seater SUV

Skoda Fabia@ 5.06 - 6.59 Lakhs

If rumors are to be believed then Skoda India is in process to give a quick acceleration to its network by launching few new models along with facelift models as well. Well, in this queue, the small hatch Fabia is said to be re-launched again by the company in next year 2015.

Asking about launch of Fabia, company’s managing director, Mr. Sudhir Rao said, “Fabia initially started in a nice way with slight premium pricing. Without talking about the future products, I would like to say that it is important for us to be in that segment, but it is also important for us to do it in a right manner and ensure that we identify a sub segment in that category that is looking for a little more premium. Yes, we are looking at a Fabia replacement but will stick to Skoda’s image,”

Meanwhile, company has already started this process by recently launching facelift version of its sedan Superb. Also, last year company re-launched the Octavia which has been running at above satisfactory level since then. And now Yeti is next to get an update.

A new 7-seater bigger SUV is also expected to be in this list of launching models. “Globally we have talked about `A plus’ SUV – a seven-seater – which is larger than the Yeti. Yeti is what we call an `A’ SUV. The new `A plus’ is expected to be launched globally in 2016-17,” said Mr. Rao. Though, Skoda did not give any timeline for this new and major launch.

It has been seen that Indian car market has not been that much smooth for this Czech manufacturer which it deserves. Probably this is the reason company has not brought any new big launch from quite a long time.

Other than its product line-up, company said that it is also in the process to improve it’s after sale services and customer satisfaction issues. If it’s true then it will be surely one of the best steps by company coz the main issue regarding Skoda’s models are its post buying services which really need to be improved by a big leap.

Currently, Skoda offers Rapid (hatchback), Yeti (SUV), Octavia (hatchback), Fabia (hatchback) and Superb (sedan) in India.

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