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Skoda Scouts Yet Again

Skoda Fabia@ 5.06 - 6.59 Lakhs, Skoda Superb@ 18.80 - 25.20 Lakhs, Skoda D Rapid@ 8.00 - 10.00 Lakhs, Skoda New Octavia@ Rs. 16.76 - 22.80 Lakhs

With companies trying to unleash vividness in the market with their various crossover concepts, how could we not expect one of the very first companies like Skoda to pull off a certain theme into it’s cars, to do the same! And that’s why, after a good and responsive dealing of Volkswagen Cross Polo, Toyota’s EtiosCross and yet to come Fiat Avventura, Skoda is all set to once again tweak its Octavia into a crossover or an estate version, the same way it first did in the year 2007 while they launched the Octavia Estate.

The Czech Automobile company owned by Volkswagen group is all set, yet again to unveil its Octavia Scout after two not so very successful failures before in the past with Octavia Scout and Fabia Scout which all were sweeped away from the market due to poor sales. But this time apart, after a very sound success of the new Octavia, the company is very confidently planning to pull out its Scout version once again at a very optimum risk as to consider the earlier records. Still, the company claims that this new vehicle is going to be a whole new experience for both, the market as well as for the company itself.

Conceptually based on the older Octavia Estate and physically based on the new Octavia, The Scout seems very sporty and off-roading capable unlike the luxuriously spoilt Octavia sibling. From front, the car with Scout-specific bumpers and black claddings looks very neat and rugged. The radiator grille is fitted proudly with the Scout badge to bless it with prominence along with black side mouldings, wheel arch and door sills. Apart from that, the Aluminum finished roof rail and evenly sharp, sporty and rugged rear with sporty off-roading skid plates give this car a very confident look overall.

But not just visually, this car is actually a cross gene vehicle which stands almost 31mm higher than the regular Octavia in ground clearance to be somewhere around 171mm. And mechanically also, the car is hoped to be planted with two engine trims in both the fuel types i.e. a 1.8 ltr Turbocharged Petrol engine with 180Ps power while the 2.0 ltr TDI Diesel will be further available in two trims of power ignition as 135Ps and 184Ps respectively.

Also, Skoda is planning to plant for the first time, a 6-speed DSG gearbox to the diesel trim as well along with a 6-speed MT system which comes as standard. And the car is also said to be a 4WD vehicle equipped with Haldex 5-Clutch.

Interiorly, the car might surprise you as well with a very vivacious choice of optional treatment. You get a Black &Black/Brown color dash trim, Scout badging all around the cabin for the feel of being extra privileged, a choice to choose amongst fabric, leather or alcantara for upholstery, 5″color LCD central infotainment system etc. Apart from these, a very heavy list of safety features with up to 9 Airbags option, EBF, Lane Assist, Crew Protection Assist, Optical Park Assist etc will all be available as standard.

All in all, a high end and feature spilling cross vehicle is almost about to enter the game of the market very soon. Rumors suggest the car might get launched later in next month of August, but still we can’t make a promise as the company has not yet made any official announcement for the same. Also, the vehicle being based on Octavia with more intuitive features and functionality, can be expected to cost a bit higher than the already overpriced sibling. But if endorsed well, then this car can really be a game changer for the Czech Auto makers.

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