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Renault Fluence 2014 – Users Review

Renault Fluence@ 14.22 - 15.81 Lakhs
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The French car manufacturer Renault has recently upgraded its classy sedan Fluence to give it a touch of 2014. Though, company has not changed it by a big leap, it’s all same like the predecessor in performance wise and under hood. As new Fluence 2014 is already in its showrooms and deliveries have been started too, so we managed to talk with few people who have either taken its test drive or have brought it. Let’s have a look what they experienced.

User's Asked Question


Charming outside glimpse, decent color options complement its beauty.

One user who have used the predecessor Fluence and now planning to take its 2014 model on the place of earlier one is just crazy about this sedan’s look and happy that Renault just offers it in decent colors options like Pearl Black, Ash Beige etc.

Fluence has just flying like on-road driving.

Users who have taken its test drive find its road handling so much soothing and comfortable. They think that it feels like we are flying on roads. Fluence really deserves applaud for it.

A bucket-full of interior features.

By justifying its price range, Renault offers a big bulk of interior features in this sedan and makes the car’s place on top of the list (in terms of features availability) in same segment.


Renault’s service is a big question.

As per one of the user who has used Renault’s one other model- Renault’s model is good in everything but only till the time you didn’t have to visit its service centers. And when that time comes, you will regret to buy a Renault’s car coz their after sale services really disappoint.

No petrol mill, are you kidding?

Another user who visit Renault’s showroom to take a test drive of Fluence 2014 was surprised to know that company has stopped the petrol Fluence from now onwards. He was in full mood to buy Fluence 2014 but unavailability of Petrol mill stopped him to do the same.

Why would I not buy Duster at this price then?

The major drawback of Fluence seems to be its high price which forces people to think twice and obviously 8 out of 10 people then opt Renault’s most popular model Duster (SUV) over the Fluence coz it carries almost same price tags and comparatively bigger and muscular.

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