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Home News and StoriesNews for Tata Nano CNG Launch – Features & Specifications.

News for Tata Nano CNG Launch – Features & Specifications.

Tata Nano@ 1.99 - 2.89 Lakhs
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A Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world and now, further to reduce the running cost of the car Tata has modified Nano’s engine to survive on CNG as fuel. The car is due to launch in India in September this year and shall have a price tag starting from Rs. 1.6 lac to Rs. 2.35 lacs.It is a great news for a lay man who wants to enjoy the shelter of a 4 wheeler at an affordable price. With the rising petrol and diesel prices india, CNG is perhaps the best solution, moreover its even environment friendly.

’Nano’ as the word means small, the car has smaller dimensions than other hatchbacks and thus it is easy to maneuver in city traffic, take turns as it has small radius 4 m and easy to park and coupled with that is great fuel efficiency.Moreover the car is made by Indian car maker Tata and is built on Indian soil keeping in mind the Indian customer needs and the exchange offer promotion schemefor Nano i.e. give 2 wheeler and get exchange bonus of Rs. 15,000 , give a 4 wheeler and get exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000;and reassuration to customers with of 4 yr warranty or 60,000 km, the sales of the car are estimated to increase manifold. Yes ofcourse mainly due to the affordable price and good mileage.


the front bonnet is same as the current Nano but for the sleek chrome strip that runs across it and same goes for the rear where the bumper gets this chrome strip. From the pictures released, it can be predicted that the hatch will be openablenow, the rear also has another air intake for better cooling. The interiors now have larger steering, dual glove box, keyless entry system and 4 speaker Amphistream music system with Bluetooth connectivity and USB &Aux-in ports.And not to forget the Nano personalisation kits.

Under the Hood:

The engine is bifuel i.e. gasoline and Cngwith water cooled 2 cyl in-line valvetrain with a displacement of 624 cc. The car will be available in 2 variants with one offering max power and max torque figures of 32 /5500 bhp/rpm and 45/3500 Nm/rpm;  while the other offers 37/5250 bhp/rpm  51/4000 Nm/rpm respectively .The transmission is expected to be 4-speed manual type while the CNG tank capacity will be 32l. The previous gave fuel efficiency of 25Kmpl, so this being CNG will offer some 32km/kg as per ARAI rating. This yr Honda also launched a car called Amaze which offered amazing 25 kmpl mileage, though ofcource the cost is much higher than Nano, but Nano CNG is all set to disturb the market of competitor Maruti Suzuki Alto 800  and Hyundai EON because of cheaper price and better mileage.

With CNG as fuel, theCO2 emission is just 72g/km as claimed by Tata car will definitely put a smile on the faces of Environmentalists!The car is apt for those who love simplicity and believe in keeping the environment clean.

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