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New Renault Koleos – Users Reviews

This New Year brings many new excited models for its customers in almost every category. While few have already launched, few are yet to come. Today we are here with the user review of newly launched facelift model Renault Koleos which is working hard to attract its customers. Though we couldn’t manage to interact with more users but still there are 2-3 people who has taken test drive of this luxury SUV and shared their experience with us.

What users like in Renault Koleos:

Its muscular body and aggressive look.

First thing which is attracting the people towards itself is its huge powerful glance with sleeked bonnet and modified grille holding the Renault badge in between.

Powerful engine and amazing ride quality.

The muscular Koleos offers a very decent and comfortable handling on road. Its automatic transmission and balanced braking system helps it to provide a better drivability.

Its spacious cabin and premium material quality.

Users get a luxury feel after sitting inside it; the reason is its luxury features and high-quality material, what else could be expected, right?

What users don’t like in Renault Koleos:

Fuel efficiency, which could be better.

As per one user who has driven this trendy SUV thinks that as per its awesome on-road performance, mileage figures seem low which disappoints somehow.

Price range could be li’l less.

Users which loved its test drive and eagerly wanted to buy this car stopped just because of its high price. They claimed, when we can avail other same segment SUV by comparatively more reliable brand with same features but lesser price, then why would we buy this one.

Post-buying maintenance is costlier and even there is not-so good service by Renault.

Renault offers car with luxuriant nature and hence its parts are costlier too which is resulted as not much pocket friendly for the customer. Also, less of nearest service centers cause as poor after sale services.

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