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New Renault Koleos – Expert Review

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With the starting of this New Year 2014, Renault brings the facelift version of its not-so popular SUV model Koleos. Renault has been enjoyed the success of it’s another SUV Duster but this one is different coz it’s more muscular, more spacious than Duster. Still Koleos couldn’t get as much popularity as the Duster; the reason is the Duster’s very much affordable price comparatively. Well, Renault again geared-up the Koleos by bringing up its facelift variant along with 4WD system. After tried our hand on this, we conclude it as a powerful model. Let’s see in detail.


– Having three variants, it carries the price tag of 21.2 lakhs (4×2 MT), 23.9 lakhs (4×4 MT) and 24.9 lakhs (4×4 AT)

– Though, this cost is comparatively more than other same segment models.

– Hence, it could be reduced by this new launch.


– Powered by a muscular 2.0 liter M9R diesel engine with satisfactory power but impressive torque.

– Develops max power and torque of 148bhp, 320Nm (in 4×2) while 170.6bhp, 360Nm (in 4×4), power could be improved a bit specially in 4WD.

– Appealing step of company by pairing the SUV with 4×4 four-wheel drive system to make the engine and handling better than before.

4×2 wheel-drive system is already there.

– Being a huge size model, it’s offered mileage figures from 14.56-17.15 km/l (as per the variants) looks impressive.


Easy to handle and decent riding.

Engine feels bit heavy sometimes, probably due to the slightly less offered power.

Suspension as well as braking system is nicely equipped to perform better and comfortable drivability not only on highways but at city roads as well.

Space & Dimension:

– Huge family or travel based car having seating capacity for adult seven.

Spacious inside cabin with the car boot of 450 liters which could be better though as per its size.

Interior & Exterior:

Use of premium quality material in the interior and exterior armed features.

Spacious interior but last row is little bit congested for sitting comfortably.

Outside glimpse is classy and looks trendier than before.

Stylish and new chrome front grille, silver satin roof rails, new 17 inch dual-toned alloy wheels etc are impressive.

– Overall, there is a presence of entire required features which make it worth to take.


Renault is planning to increase its network in SUV category as well and has done a great job by bringing this spacious, huge travel based model after refining. Though, there are many other same segment models which are great competitors of this car but still customers who want a sporty performance can give it a try undoubtedly. But yes, the thing which makes it less demanding could be its not-so good after sale services.

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