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New Chevrolet Beat – Expert Reviews

New Chevrolet Beat@ 4.20 - 6.29 Lakhs
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To provide the cars a New-Year-look and of course to take advantage of recently held 12th Auto Expo, almost every car maker had geared up their belts to increase the sales figures and network as well. In this queue, the Chevrolet India also brought the facelift version of its one of the stylish hatch Beat with minor renovations and updations. Let’s see what experts have to say on this.


- Carries quite affordable price range as per the Indian automobile industry.

- Comes within price bracket of 3.96-5.93 lakhs.

Engine details:

- Available in all three fuel units: petrol, diesel and LPG: really a bonus point for Chevrolet Beat.

- 1.0 liter diesel mill and 1.2 liter petrol mill along with LPG unit as well, do its duty well with the suitable developed power and torque.

- Both petrol and diesel fuel units are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox; automatic gearbox was also expected with this facelift version though.

- After considering the main rivals of Beat in industry, auto transmission was necessary as brands like Maruti is also offering same in its new demanding hatch Celerio.

- Mileage offered by Beat diesel is so much impressive and surely deserve a well-pat on back.


- Talking on the terms of on-road performance then Beat petrol performs better than diesel-one and also has sporty dynamics in it.

- Though, Beat diesel offers more impressive mileage comparatively.

- On-road, diesel model becomes heavy on top-speed, though it’s a vibration-less engine.

- Overall, Beat’s handling and braking system are decent and provide an above satisfactory feeling to its users.

Space & Dimension:

- The new Chevy Beat is a cool small car which carries proper length, width and height.

- The ground clearance differs in petrol and diesel variants, its 165mm in petrol while 175mm in diesel-one.

- Car boot of 170 liters is much compact and needed to be improved in this updated version but unfortunately it didn’t happen.


- Appealing inside cabin which has plenty no. of required and comfort features in its top-end variants.

- As per the budget and its size, its interior satisfies us.

- Though, material used in it could be a bit better.


- The outside profile of Beat seems aggressive which is quite sufficient to attract a large group of customers.

- Though, there are those audience too who can reject its embossed-front with cramped-rear outside glance.


- Gets safety features like dual airbags, ABS etc but only as optional.


Chevrolet is one of the older brands in India which is serving in country well by offering the trendy beauties to Indian car market. Must say that Beat is one of them, if we ignore some minor errors then definitely it is a deserving competitor of its segment.

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