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National Speed limits Revised

Speculations are now turned into official announcement with the declaration of road transport ministry speed revision notification. Speed limit rules finally get refreshment after 25 long years. This change occurs due to massive improvements in road infrastructure over a period of time.

Earlier there was no national speed limit for cars; speed limit was based on different city different speed criteria which now have been changed by transport ministry by imposing 100 km/h speed limit for cars and 80 km/hr for motorcycles.

According to new rules, a vehicle carrying 9 or more passengers such as mini buses and buses will now have to be under 80 km/h, on the contrary vehicle with not more than 8 passengers will allow to run up to 100 km/hr and goods carrying vehicles would not be allowed to tick over 80 km/hr.

Recently created class of automobile, ‘Quadricycle’ will be allowed to speed up, to 70 km/hr and speed governors are going to be compulsory for commercial vehicles from October 2014.

Government officials said local authorities have full power to fix the speed limit for vehicles within their areas as per the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act. “Obviously, a car or bike cannot be allowed at high speed in crowded or residential areas. So, local authorities including deputy commissioners, collectors and police will decide the speed limit for all categories of vehicles in every locality,” a ministry official said.

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