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Home News and StoriesFord EcoSport & Nissan Terrano – Top rated cars of year 2013 – Carzoom Rating

Ford EcoSport & Nissan Terrano – Top rated cars of year 2013 – Carzoom Rating

Ford EcoSport@ 6.79 - 10.44 Lakh, Nissan Terrano@ 9.52 - 12.30 Lakhs
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Most Popular Cars of 2013: Ford EcoSport & Nissan Terrano

In terms of car models, the Indian car market is lucky in 2013. The reason is those launches of premium and luxury cars which have banged the market and car lovers welcomed them heartily. We are picking here those two successful models which have made a blast in this year and briefly highlighting the facts why they are being much appealed by the users, these cars are Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano.

While Ford EcoSport launched in India in mid of the year 2013 i.e. on 26th June, the Nissan Terrano made its India debut on 9th October.

1. Ford EcoSport:

Before the launch of EcoSport, there were many SUVs ruling in car market and Renault’s Duster was on top among them. But Ford India made a huge change in market with the launch of its new and amazing model EcoSport. This Ford’s SUV made its place in people’s hearts very quickly and challenged the other cars in same segments.

Price: The car came in existence with very competitive price tag of 5.82-9.37 lakhs and beats the other entire same segment SUVs in terms of cost.

Engine: By having two types of fuel engines, petrol as well as diesel, and also with excellent mileage b/w 15.8-23.5 km/l (depending upon engine variants) (ARAI certified); it insured that this car has the ability to defeat any other same segment cars on road.

Performance: It maintains a comfortable and balanced ride on road by having 5.3m of minimum turning radius. The royal SUV accelerates 0-100km/h in just 12.54 seconds (in petrol) and 13.72 seconds (in diesel) with the top speed of 182 km/h.

Features: Not only this, the EcoSport is a luxury car having a breath taking glimpse which also has the entire premium features to justify a Ford badge. It is designed with high quality material and contains approximately every interior, exterior and safety features.

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2. Nissan Terrano:

The Indian car market was still facing difficulty to decide which SUV is better among all including the latest launch of Ford EcoSport, then suddenly one more luxury car-maker announced a new launch of a new SUV, and this time it was the Nissan Terrano. Though it faced many criticisms like it is said to be a Xerox copy of Renault Duster etc, but this was normal coz it has become the tradition now that Renault and Nissan always copied each other’s models.

Price: The Nissan launched the car with almost same price tag of Renault’s Duster, 9.6-12.46 lakhs but it was obviously expensive than EcoSport.

Engine: As per the engine is concerned, it is also powered with the two fuel options, petrol and diesel. This engine provides the amazing mileage of 14-19 km/l (depending upon variants) (ARAI certified).

Features: The Nissan’s SUV contains luxury equipments including inside the cabin, at outside and in terms of safety but yes…it seems just like the Renault’s SUV.

Performance: The Terrano’s on road performance is said to be same as Duster too which is quite decent actually. But the fact is that people who have already driven the Duster couldn’t find any positive difference in Terrano and when, even prices are same then chances to choose Duster over Terrano obviously increases coz Duster is elder.

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Car Zoom’s take:

Few issues happen with every model but the reality is these both cars have undoubtedly increased the competition in market. When people already loved the Duster and overwhelmed with it, the Ford and Nissan provides them a well deserved options to choose.

But here, if it’s about which one is better among EcoSport and Terrano, then our vote would definitely go to Ford’s luxury SUV. The reason is its more affordable price, better mileage and performance.

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