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Mercedes-Benz S Class – User Reviews

Mercedes-Benz S-Class@ 1.07 - 2.25 Crores
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This is what we call revolution, this is what we call modernization in its true sense, this is what we call the real use of technology, this is what we call a fine blend of luxury and science at its peak, and this is what we call Mercedes-Benz S class.

This new Mercedes-Benz had been under speculations for around almost a year for its much needed upgrade, and we believe that the wait had been quite interesting with such a fruitful car in our country. If someone says, it’s the best car in the same segment across the world then we won’t call him mad, because it certainly has proved itself to be on such levels. With power figures near to a Bentley and luxury levels higher than a Bentley put together with a Rolls-Royce, this car feels remarkably out of this world and that’s the reason it was, and it will always be the ruler of its league. And that’s why, we just couldn’t help ourselves getting intense with this rare combinational vehicle and today, in our User Reviews, we bring you the direct inputs from some of its lucky owners, its sellers and some of the people who have sheer admiration for this Saloon car.


1.  Ultra refreshing looks and presence

What most people hailed about and what people at Mercedes-Benz had been constantly shouting about is its completely new and changed looks for better of course. This car now have made people feel more confident than ever before with tough, agile and sharp built and ultra modern and futuristic use of LEDs all around and inside of the vehicle. “This car makes you feel important and special every time you let yourself into its class leading cabin,’’ says one of the people who now very proudly owns one.

2 . Best in class interiors and functions

One of the people, a rich businessman whom we managed to talk to says very clearly that, “I know I am not going to drive this classy car, my chauffeur will, which makes us both equal as I enjoy the amenities of this car from rear, he enjoys running the horses on his command.’’ Most people even compare it with the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series which seems fair enough. But their sense of pride over the rejuvenating new interior entertainment and functionality inside was clear to tell the story of Benz’s success with this car over its rivals.

3. Best safety and driving functions

Another most striking thing about this car which people felt most happy about to talk was the level of unmatched safety equipments in this car. As we quoted a sales guy saying, “This car makes sure you are alright into it all the time, it has its own intelligence and it works itself for your safety even if you go frivolous about it, or your chauffeur does.’’

And as we had some people who just couldn’t have their drivers have all the fun, they were quite excited to drive this new machine while going gaga over it’s under hood power and capabilities. It accelerates and handles like you can’t even imagine, says some of them people.


1. Not for the masses

Apart from its a bit heavy ride over corners, if we had to find out what people don’t like about it then it would surely not be coming from the people who own it. As some of them say, “you only can find lacks in this car when you can’t afford it!’’ which felt arrogantly sharp and rude, but if you realize, it’s true.  This car is not for the masses, it is rare, it is a masterpiece and apart from being very hefty and heavy on pricing. We and the people who own it could not really find many faults in such a class-creating and status-symbolic blemish free, flawless car.

2. No AMG on cards

Another thing, which comes straight from the true enthusiasts, is Mercedes-Benz’s no take on launching an AMG treated version of this car which could have been an even madder version of this insanely rich car. We are glad these people at least now have some complaints about this car.

Final Verdict

This car is near perfect, close to the best what humanity had ever to experience through four wheels.  It remains out of reach for many, which blesses it rarity and blesses us with admirable jealousy f

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