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Mercedes B Class – User Review

Mercedes-Benz B-class@ 27.95 -28.95 Lakhs
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Mercedes introducing a Sports Tourer in india which internationally is sold as a family MPV. Not many people bought the idea, but they surely did buy the car itself with the company claiming that its first lot of 200 cars was already booked by the time they announced the price. Whoaa! Now that was something crazy to begin with the section of customer feedback. Now let’s move forward.

As soon as the car hit the market, it was destined to impress the Indians and earn good car ratings with what it has got, best space, decent design kills, mesmerising interio, futuristic components and safety features. And not to forget the rich-feel Merc quality all around, packed and stuffed in this newly launched car. When we headed towards one of the showrooms and some customers to earn feedbacks of how they think of this car? We were really impressed with the way Merc has achieved its status back in the game with this car.

Most of the people we interacted with for the user reviews, provided us with the sweetest and most delightfully positive aspects of this car. In the process, we met a guy who was 60 and after having been a hard worker all across his life, wanted to settle after his retirement from work, and considered this car as an ultimate choice for his upcoming lazy and hazy days. He said,” all my life, I drove some of the most common vehicles around, but this is the time I retire myself with some ease and luxury, so putting forward my whole saving for a dream car, I m buying this”. A very touching thing to notice around probably! He also added, that he always wanted to own a Mercedes benz since he was young and saw it, and with him buying this car, he really is feeling young again. He won’t bother much on the typical technical stuff but he is really impressed with the engine, the way it responses and performs, all too genteel and touché. And he would have really been blessed if this car had some more features for the price he would be paying for. And you all know what features are we talking about, right?

Moving forward, we really were impressed how people with a family in mind, were heading towards this car, but a bit of disappointment was there when we asked a young guy there of what he thought about this new gene of Benz. He was straight to the Point and considered this car as a good buy for old people or ladies! Which really was surprising but then, he was not really wrong because he was right in pointing out that he,being a young blood would anyday choose a better and much of a performer vehicle than this! And we respect that, really!

But then, there was this guy in his mid 30s, young and energetic and really obsessed with his new buy of this latest vehicle, he pointed out that its nothing that this car is not a performer, he really is robbed with the way this vehicle glides away with a spin of those wheels, the comfort levels and the the high-stability of this car, be it around corners or on the highway on high-end cruises as its tight and well controlled around corners and during quick lane changes. “It’s all just so live man”, says our guy here. He swore he would keep bragging about this vehicle all day but amongst some of the features he liked are, a broad sunroof, a sportier instrument cluster and dual chrome-plated exhaust ends for that added sportiness.

This car here, gets a partial thumb up in the customer car reviews with the way things are with it. Everything is nice, and compact but roomy and opulent at the same time.But at last, the question which remains unsolved is, would people really buy this car for it being a Merc at affordable price, or would they consider a Skoda for their high-end premium car against it, or a Rexton for it is an SUV, or a BMW SUV at the same price or this or that??

We really don’t know, all we know is, you will never go wrong if you go for a Mercedes-Benz, only if it fits your deal of demands!

Choose wisely! Drive safely!

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